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Grand Hotel (1932 - Edmund Goulding)
2014-02-15: TV: 6/10 - might have been a point or two higher if it weren't for the unbearable Lionel Barrymore
film  rated  film-rated  film:year=1932  film:rating=6  film:watched=2014  comedy  drama  garbo 
february 2014 by grange85
Island of Lost Souls (1932 - Erle C. Kenton)
5/10 Unpleasant horror with a great turn by Laughton and some still shocking scenes (2012-11-25 - NFT1)
film  rated  film-rated  horror  1932  5  film:rating=5  film:watched=2012  film:year=1932 
november 2012 by grange85

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