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Casanova Foto | Analógico
Venta de todo tipo de material para fotografía y vídeo digital y analógica , para aficionados y profesionales.
Con tiendas en Barcelona y Madrid.
eCommerce  Photography  ES  SLR  Analog  Film  Supplies  Camera 
7 hours ago by abetancort
The Joker as Antagonist
The antagonist as exceptionally good at attacking the hero's weakness(es), pressuring the hero into making difficult choices that reveal the hero's character and/or make the character change. The conflict is established by having the hero and antagonist both committed to the same goal. Batman and the Joker want to fight for the soul of Gotham. In the finale, the conflict is over the lives of a few hundred people on ferries - it's not a story with the entire world at stake. The stakes are personal. "Story” by Robert McKee
“The Anatomy of Story” by John Truby:
Joker  Batman  Narratology  Film  The  Dark  Knight  Storytelling  Plot 
7 hours ago by dbourn
Benshi – Le guide du cinéma pour les enfants
SnapWidget is the best way to display Instagram photos for @benshi_tallier
benshi  jeunesse  film  dessin-anime  recommendation 
8 hours ago by damli
Digitaltruth Photo - Product Tests
All film was exposed at 400 ISO and developed in Fotospeed FD10 film developer (1+9) for the recommended time.
photography  bw  film 
10 hours ago by antaldaniel
An Oral History of 'Jackass: The Movie'
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the most legendary stunt film of all time, we spoke to everyone involved.
history  culture  film  movie 
23 hours ago by jacobraleigh
A Fistful of Evil Dollars – Jonathan Rinzler – Medium
Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven came out in 1992. It won the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director (Eastwood), Best Supporting Actor (Gene Hackman), and Best Editing (Joel Cox). It is one of the best…
Film  Film_theory  insightful  economics  Law 
yesterday by killforlove
A Lawyer Explains Who Really Owns Your Tattoos - VICE
Several examples of copyright cases against media companies filming or creating avatars of pro athletes
tattoo  copyright  professional  athlete  celebrity  law  legal  Owner  2017  Q4  example  film  gaming 
yesterday by csrollyson
Stephen King's 22 Favorite Movies: No Spoilers | Open Culture
In 1999, Stephen King found himself confined to a hospital room "after a careless driver in a minivan smashed the shit out of me on a country road." There, "roaring with pain from top to bottom, high on painkillers," and surely more than a little bored, he popped a movie into the room's VCR.
Archive  cinema  film  horror  movies 
yesterday by sudakshsoti
Shiraz (1928 - Franz Osten)
2017-10-14: Barbican: 5/10 - with amazing sitar score by Anoushka Shankar - restoration and locations looked amazing - story and direction a little flat - and the end was unnecessarily drawn out.
film  rated  film-rated  film:watched=2017  film:year=1928  film:rating=5  silent  silentfilm  indian 
yesterday by grange85

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