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La sexualización de las niñas: la pederastia consentida |
Estamos produciendo una serie de entrevistas en vídeo sobre la era Trump en EE.UU. Si quieres ayudarnos a financiarla, puedes ver el tráiler en este enlace y donar aquí. via Pocket
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october 2017 by oriolllado
SVG Patterns Gallery
really cool pattern fill for svg, great for hexar and for new personal site.
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july 2016 by mgan
This Rotary Dial Smartphone Hack Fills Me With Glee
via This Rotary Dial Smartphone Hack Fills Me With Glee Rotary dials are one of my favorite UI devices. I like the force feedback they provide as you spin a number in, and the sound they make as the dial zips back into
IFTTT  Delicious  ZOLWA2R  This  Rotary  Dial  Smartphone  Hack  Fills  Me  With  Glee 
august 2015 by ZOLWA2R
Holborn fire: Rush hour misery for commuters as major three-lane road remains ... | Holborn fire
LSE Holborn Fire: Students Forced To Seek Temporary Accommodation As ... Holborn fire #Holbornfire April 02, 2015 at 03:25PM
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april 2015 by heyyouapp
Vapourwaves on the Way to Heaven/Hell
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Sebastian finishes killing all the zombies on the ship and collapses of his injuries; bleeding and shivering, Ciel cuddles with Sebastian for warmth to keep both from getting hypothermia. On the rescue ship I just want Ciel taking care of Sebastian like changing his bandages, giving him soup (if demons eat) Sebastian getting a fever and Ciel cuddling up to him to cool his body down! And bonus if Sebastian is naked under the covers!!! XP
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september 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
You Don't Miss Twice
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As Ciel gets older, I would love to see Sebastian shaving him with a straight razor. I love the ritual of old-fashioned barbers, and also love tasks that make Sebastian roll his sleeves up! Also, I love the irony that Sebastian with a razor at Ciel's throat is no more dangerous than Sebastian at any other point, given that he's more-than-capable of killing with his bare hands if the need arises.
kink:shaving  kink:bloodplay  Ciel/Sebastian  fills  Sebastian  Ciel 
september 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Bed Warmer
In response to this prompt:

Snake is always surrounded by his snake posse so I can't stop thinking that even when he's fapping they're around to commentate or even help out. please?
Snake/snakes  kink:bestiality  Snake  fills  kuroshitsuji-kink#1  kink:tentacles  kink:masturbation 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink
Blood Current
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After seeing how Claude reacted to getting a taste of Ciel's blood, I would love to Sebastian very calmly and professionally patching up Ciel after an injury, then just decadently licking the blood off his hands and arms the second he's alone. It could also be cool if Ciel sees him for some reason, but what I really want to see is Sebastian dropping the cool butler exterior for a second and just luxuriating in the taste of soul he gets through the blood.
Ciel/Sebastian  kink:bloodplay  fills  kuroshitsuji-kink#1  Sebastian  Ciel 
august 2014 by kuroshitsuji_kink

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