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How to Make Filipino-Style Lumpia Spring Rolls
How to Make Filipino-Style Lumpia Spring Rolls via T…

This includes how to make the wrappers too, though I quibble on the filling.
filipino  recipes  from twitter
december 2018 by Raine_Wynd
A Guide to OPM(Original Pinoy Music) or Music From the Philippines - Rate Your Music
I'm from the Philippines, and I guess I owe it to my fellow countrymen to make a list of music from my homeland. Original Pinoy Music, or OPM as it's more popularly known in my country, spans a lot of styles but mostly it's a blanket term given to any music that was done by a Filipino. That being said, OPM music could be in either English or Filipino. English is one of our main languages, even the word OPM consists of two English words and one Filipino word, so it's only fitting.

Disclaimer: I don't claim to be an expert on OPM. In fact, all the people I know who knows what I listen to or has at least and idea of it often criticize me for not supporting OPM. Well, here's my contribution, however late it is.

Important note: This is very much a work in progress and corrections and suggestions are welcome. I'm the last guy you want to learn about OPM from. :)
music  rateyourmusic  opm  filipino 
december 2018 by jonny
For Everyone Who's Asking Me for American and Fil Diasporic Lit, Who's Asking Me for my Syllabi, This Lis…
Filipino  from twitter_favs
november 2018 by electroponix
For Everyone Who's Asking Me for American and Fil Diasporic Lit, Who's Asking Me for my Syllabi, This Lis…
Filipino  from twitter_favs
november 2018 by simplyjoey

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