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GitHub - ARMmbed/littlefs: A little fail-safe filesystem designed for microcontrollers
"originally built as an experiment to learn about filesystem design in the context of microcontrollers. The question was: How would you build a filesystem that is resilient to power-loss and flash wear without using unbounded memory?"
arm  mbed  embedded  filesystems  library  repo:github  pmz 
20 days ago by mechazoidal
Working with APFS Volume Groups | Carbon Copy Cloner | Bombich Software
When Apple introduced the APFS filesystem several years ago, it came with a new concept: the APFS container. All APFS volumes reside within a container, and the container resides within the disk's partitioning scheme. All volumes within a container share the space that is available to the container; separate APFS containers do not share space with each other.

In macOS High Sierra, Apple added the concept of roles to volumes. At the time there were only three roles, and these went largely unnoticed by the average user: Preboot, Recovery, and VM (virtual memory). These roles allow the system to identify specific volumes for specific purposes, and then treat the volumes in specific ways (for example, any volume with the above roles would be hidden by default and also not mounted by default).
data  macos  reference  storage  mac  filesystems 
28 days ago by rmohns
Deconstruct files / on reliability of writing to disk
Dan Luu talked at great speed about the file API, filesystems and disks, and how broken every single layer is. A phrase I wrote down was “impossible to use correctly, even for experts.” Dan quoted heavily from research, both from academia and his own work, to try to answer questions empirically that are often just debated on Reddit.
The talk was motivated by one of those offhanded smug dismissals programmers love to toss out about how easy a difficult thing is in software development, and that the jokers getting it wrong just simply need to do [obvious thing x]. It turns out safely writing files is complicated!
filesystems  concurrency 
9 weeks ago by mblsha
AncientFS on MacFuse
AncientFS on MacFuse is a demonstration of supporting non-Mac filesystems on Mac OS X using the port by Amit Singh of FUSE from Linux.

The demo includes support for Unix v1, v2, v3, v4 v5, v7, v10, 32V, 2.9BSD, BSD UFS through 4.4BSD, DECtape "tap" archives of Unix v1, v2, v3, dump/restore tape images (including incremental dumps), ar files, cpio files and tar; these can be mounted as readonly filesystems on Mac OS X.
mac  filesystems  computer_history 
9 weeks ago by stu-rem
Database as Filesystem - YouTube
Peter Chubb Most network file systems are either a layer over an existing filesystem (NFS, CIFS), or ar...
filesystems  database  talk  video  linux  fuse 
10 weeks ago by raphman

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