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Practical File System Design – with the Be File System
Although many operating system textbooks offer high- level descriptions of file systems, few go into sufficient detail for an implementor, and none go into details about
advanced topics such as journaling. I wrote this book to address that lack of information. This book covers the details of file systems, from low-level to high-level, as well as related topics such as the disk cache, the file system interface to the kernel, and the user-level APIs that use the features of the file system. Reading this book should give you a thorough understanding of how a file system works in general, how the Be File System (BFS) works in particular, and the issues involved in designing and implementing a file system.
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20 hours ago by davidgasperoni
HFS Plus - Wikipedia
HFS Plus is an improved version of HFS, supporting much larger files (block addresses are 32-bit length instead of 16-bit) and using Unicode (instead of Mac OS Roman or any of several other character sets) for naming items. Like HFS, HFS Plus uses B-trees to store most volume metadata, but unlike most other file systems, HFS Plus supports hard links to directories. HFS Plus permits filenames up to 255 characters in length, and n-forked files similar to NTFS, though until 2005 almost no system software took advantage of forks other than the data fork and resource fork. HFS Plus also uses a full 32-bit allocation mapping table rather than HFS's 16 bits, significantly improving space utilization with large disks.
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yesterday by euler
Logical Clocks AB
tl;dr When you train deep learning models with lots of high quality training data, you can beat state-of-the-art prediction models in a wide array of domains (image classification, voice recognition, and machine translation). Distributed filesystems are becoming increasingly indispensable as a central store for training data, logs, model serving, and checkpoints. HopsFS is a great choice, as it has native support for the main Python frameworks for Data Science: Pandas, TensorFlow/Keras, PySpark, and Arrow.
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3 days ago by euler
NetApp Trident - Storage orchestrator for containers
A fully supported open source project maintained by NetApp. It has been designed from the ground up to help you meet the sophisticated persistence demands of your containerized applications.

Through its support for popular container platforms like Kubernetes and Docker, Trident understands the natural and evolving languages of those platforms, and translates requirements expressed or implied through them into an automated and orchestrated response from the infrastructure.
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4 days ago by liqweed

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