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SSDOptimization - Debian Wiki
The performance of SSDs is also influenced by filesystem mounting options
filesystem  ssd  performance  linux  sysadmin 
12 hours ago by eriwst
kshvmdn/fsql at stackshare
Search file system with SQL commands..
sql  filesystem  go 
yesterday by hayzer
GitHub - redox-os/tfs: Next Generation File System
TFS: Next-generation file system

TFS is a modular, fast, and feature rich next-gen file system, employing modern techniques for high performance, high space efficiency, and high scalability.

TFS was created out of the need for a modern file system for Redox OS, as a replacement for ZFS, which proved to be slow to implement because of its monolithic design.

TFS is inspired by the ideas behind ZFS, but at the same time it aims to be modular and easier to implement.
filesystem  storage  zfs 
2 days ago by euler
FileVista - File Explorer Library with File Previews and full WIndows Explorer Clone
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2 days ago by jasondavis
kernel - rm on a directory with millions of files - rsync is faster
The program will now (on my system) delete 1000000 files in 43 seconds. The closest program to this was rsync -a --delete which took 60 seconds (which also does deletions in-order, too but does not perform an efficient directory lookup).
Linux  performance  filesystem 
6 days ago by colas
kshvmdn/fsql: Search through your filesystem with SQL-esque queries.
fsql - Search through your filesystem with SQL-esque queries.
filesystem  file  search  databases  golang  sql 
6 days ago by e2b

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