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Apple subsidiary FileMaker rebrands as Claris with an ambitious growth plan - 9to5Mac
Apple subsidiary FileMaker has announced today that it is rebranding to Claris, a name that likely sounds familiar if you’ve been an Apple user since the early days. While the core FileMaker product will remain the same, the company itself is changing its name to Claris International. […] Claris says that the FileMaker service has been profitable for over 80 consecutive quarters and has a customer base of 50,000 with over 1-million end-users. The FileMaker service will remain the same through this rebrand and other changes at the company.
apple  claris  filemaker  spunti  sda  soa  software 
11 days ago by nicoladagostino
Apple Has Reportedly Acquired Italian Startup Stamplay - MacRumors
Apple has acquired Italian startup Stamplay, which offered an API-based back-end development platform, according to Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore....
Stamplay  FileMaker 
12 days ago by TomasMartinez
the company is going to be the company, but they will keep the FileMaker product. They have a ne…
FileMaker  Claris  from twitter_favs
12 days ago by jakoubek
FM18 Certification prep list - Curated Collections / Bobino's - My FileMaker Support Community
What is on your list to prepare for the upcoming certification?
Here is a list of URLs I like to look at before doing the test:

FMPA 18 - New features…
Anja  Certification18  FileMaker 
25 days ago by TomasMartinez
Your 5-Point Checklist to Hiring Software Developers
Building out an experienced and reliable development team is no easy task. Start with our five-step process to hiring software developers to find success.
Hiring  FileMaker  SoftwareDevelopers  Soliant  TeamDevelopment  TeamViewer 
5 weeks ago by TomasMartinez

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