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EtherNet/IP to the edge: low-complexity Ethernet
RT : EtherNet/IP to the edge: low-complexity Ethernet. Industrial Ethernet Book

Simple field devices, such as sensors and actuators, have long resisted incorporating Ethernet as a fieldbus interface. The reasons for this reluctance are plenty, but from a device integration viewpoint, the limiting factors have been the size, power, and cost of the Ethernet interface itself.
ethernet  ethernetip  ip  filed  plc  network  networking  automation  iot  m2m  from twitter_favs
september 2017 by oriolrius
Hamster in Kazakh is Still Hamster
Otabek is instagramming his hamster and it's driving Yuri P. up a wall
yurionice  yuriplisetsky  otabekaltin  katsukiyuri  gen  filed 
december 2016 by neveralarch
Good Timing
I just spent 10 minutes tracking this down again, so I figure I should save it. Soccer RPF future fic, I don't even go here but I am super super down for teammates getting back together after they have real jobs.
xabialonso/stevengerrard  rpf  adult  filed 
december 2016 by neveralarch
america's favorite pastime
What a good teammate. (Josh Hamilton bonding with Yu Darvish.)
rpf  joshhamilton  yudarvish  gen  filed 
november 2016 by neveralarch
I'll Pick Up Your Bones When I'm Done
Like sometimes you get really stuck on someone and you don't really want them to be happy and you don't want them to make you happy, you just want them to be stuck with you too. You want them to go to hell and you want to follow them there.
BigBoss/KazuhiraMiller  KazuhiraMiller/SolidSnake  adult  metalgearsolid  filed 
may 2016 by neveralarch

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