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jqueryfiletree - jQuery File Tree
jqueryfiletree - jQuery File Tree is a configurable, AJAX file browser plugin for jQuery. Continuation of unmaintained jQuery File Tree (v1.01) (12 April 2008) from

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File  Tree  Categories  Hierarchical  Web-Development  Web-Dev  jQuery  PHP  JavaScript  WebDevAppModule 
2 days ago by jasondavis
FileVista - File Explorer Library with File Previews and full WIndows Explorer Clone
JavaScript  File  FileManager  FileSystem  Docs  Dev-Tools  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools  Freelance-Tools  Editor  Excel  PDF  WebDevAppModule  ZIP  Downloader  Uploader 
2 days ago by jasondavis
hadoop - Pig Latin: Load multiple files from a date range (part of the directory structure) - Stack Overflow
As zjffdu said, the path expansion is done by the shell. One common way to solve your problem is to simply use Pig parameters (which is a good way to make your script more resuable anyway):


pig -f script.pig -param input=/user/training/test/{20100810..20100812}
pig  hadoop  wildcard  load  file  glob  script 
2 days ago by pskomoroch
rclone - rsync for cloud storage
"Rclone is a command line program to sync files and directories to and from: Google Drive, Amazon S3, […], the local filesystem."
cloud  file  synchronization  sysadmin  s3  backup 
4 days ago by sometimesfood
Transfer Big Files Free - Email or Send Large Files
The easiest way to send large files fast...and it's Free!
computer  file  copy  transfer  free  email 
5 days ago by jeffjensen
Fancy File Delete |
A Module that can finally delete files properly!
-View of all managed files with an option to force delete them via VBO custom actions
-Manually deleting managed files by FID (and an option to force the delete if you really want to).
-Deleting unused files from the default files directory that are not in the file managed table. AKA deleting all the unmanaged files.
-Deleting unused files from the whole install that are no longer attached to nodes & the file usage table. AKA deleting all the orphaned files.
drupal  file 
5 days ago by bvt

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