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Transloadit: File Uploading, Conversion & Processing for websites/apps
Upload and convert your site's files and media with our online API. Easy, robust and fast web service with plenty of flexible configuration possibilities
transcode  encode  load  file  convert  document 
9 hours ago by kpieper876
stdout - Write lines to a file from less - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
10Gmm1G|mcat > outfile.txt

(typed within less) seems to work as long as the input doesn't fit in one screen (in which case all the input ends up in outfile.txt for some reason).

10G brings you to line 10
mm sets the m mark there
1G (same as g in this case) brings you to line 1
|m pipe from the current line to mark m
cat > outfile.txt: that's piped to that command.
unix  less  write  lines  to  file  log 
yesterday by christianmlong
"Run arbitrary commands when files change"
filesystem  watch  cli  sysadmin  file  change  tools 
yesterday by sometimesfood
A community site for the development of the TextBundle standard
The TextBundle file format aims to provide a more seamless user experience when exchanging plain text files, like Markdown or Fountain, between sandboxed applications.
mac  osx  text  exchange  ios  markdown  file  format  standard 
2 days ago by pgorrindo
This Windows file may be secretly hoarding your passwords and emails | ZDNet
On Windows laptops with touchscreens that handwriting recognition enabled, a file called WaitList.dat that may aid bad actors in figuring out passwords.
microsoft  windows  secret  file  touch  screen  handwriting  WaitList.dat 
6 days ago by brentfarwick
Alex says…
Uploadcare is a service handling CDN, cloud storage, file uploads & hosting, image upload & processing — all in one secure solution with a powerful file upload widget. Sign up for free!
api  cdn  cloud  files  upload  service  file  uploads  storage  image 
8 days ago by lionslair

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