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The Best Way to Display Text Fields
How to make text form fields that look clickable and fillable. Put white field on a dark background, and put a 2 px border around the active field.
webdesign  text  fields  forms 
19 days ago by wkorfhage
StoutLogic/acf-builder: An Advanced Custom Field Configuration Builder
An Advanced Custom Field Configuration Builder. Contribute to StoutLogic/acf-builder development by creating an account on GitHub.
wordpress  web  development  acf  fields  builder  package 
28 days ago by rwintle
Why You Should Use a Text Area for Address Form Fields
Have you ever filled out a form and froze on the address field? A usability study found that 30% of users come to a confusing stop when they encounter the
ux  web  design  development  address  forms  fields 
29 days ago by rwintle
ACF | Local JSON
Local JSON is a new feature added in version 5 which saves field group and field settings as .json files within your theme. The idea is similar to caching, and both dramatically speeds up ACF and allows for version control over your field settings! Getting started To start using the local JSON feature, simply create
web  development  wordpress  plugins  acf  export  import  json  load  files  fields 
12 weeks ago by rwintle

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