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Hilton Als on writing – The Creative Independent
"Your essays frequently defy traditional genre. You play around with the notions of what an essay can be, what criticism can be, or how we are supposed to think and write about our own lives.

You don’t have to do it any one way. You can just invent a way. Also, who’s to tell you how to write anything? It’s like that wonderful thing Virginia Woolf said. She was just writing one day and she said, “I can write anything.” And you really can. It’s such a remarkable thing to remind yourself of. If you’re listening to any other voice than your own, then you’re doing it wrong. And don’t.

The way that I write is because of the way my brain works. I couldn’t fit it into fiction; I couldn’t fit it into non-fiction. I just had to kind of mix up the genres because of who I was. I myself was a mixture of things, too. Right? I just never had those partitions in my brain, and I think I would’ve been a much more fiscally successful person if could do it that way. But I don’t know how to do it any other way, so I’m not a fiscally successful person. [laughs]

[an aside in italics:

"I was struck by this quote:

“I believe that one reason I began writing essays—a form without a form, until you make it—was this: you didn’t have to borrow from an emotionally and visually upsetting past, as one did in fiction, apparently, to write your story. In an essay, your story could include your actual story and even more stories; you could collapse time and chronology and introduce other voices. In short, the essay is not about the empirical “I” but about the collective—all the voices that made your “I.”"]

Do people ever ask you about writing a novel?

No. I could try, but It feels like a very big, weird monolith to talk about your consciousness as an “I” without being interrupted by other things. That’s what I don’t understand. That it’s just “I” and the world as I see it, when there are a zillion other things coming in. Fictional things that I’ve written I’ve not been satisfied with because I didn’t put in the real life stuff, too. So maybe I should just go back and do that. But I don’t think that one exists without the other for me. Fictional worlds are interesting, but real life is impossible to ignore."
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Sun, Moon, Dust
“I don’t expect to conquer anything,” said Allpa. “I mean, we could conquer the neighbors, but that seems a little unkind. I trade seeds with them every spring. Their goat covered mine last month, and they didn’t ask for payment because I’m just getting started here. Well, and you can’t really keep goats from doing that, but…” He trailed off. Something about the angle of Dust’s head made him think that the warrior was not interested in the details of goat husbandry.
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Don't Press Charges And I Won't Sue, by Charlie Jane Anders
Jeffrey’s near-daily migraine is already in full flower by the time he sees Rachel wheeled in and he can’t bring himself to look. She’s looking at him. She’s looking right at him. Even with all the other changes, her eyes are the same, and he can’t just stand here. She’s putting him in an impossible position, at the worst moment.
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Karl Ove Knausgaard: ‘Contemporary fiction is overrated’ | Books | The Guardian
via Pocket - Karl Ove Knausgaard: ‘Contemporary fiction is overrated’ - Added February 12, 2018 at 10:48PM
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Speculating Futures
"Speculating Futures looks at past speculative narratives, like those of Ursula K. Le Guin, and past attempts at creating technological utopia, like Chile's Cybersyn. These readings examine the shortcomings that prevented these visions from being fully realized and how they may have been limited or exclusionary. These texts also tie these visions to the contemporary issues/present dystopias that need to be addressed in subsequent utopian imaginaries. To paraphrase Gibson, "Utopia and dystopia are here, they're just unevenly distributed." Feeling like there's a future is vital for moving through the present, so we'll also envision our own utopian futures to work towards."
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How smartphone storytelling puts you inside the action
This latest book by Kate Pullinger has me really intrigued as it is adaptive fiction for your smartphone. The work is customized to you and your surroundings.
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Kristina Buožytė
Kristina Buožytė is a Lithuanian film director, screenwriter and editor. In her early films she focused on women, explored their inner world and depicted them using fantasy elements. Her last and so far best known film Vanishing Waves (original title Aurora) is described as a hypnotic, sensual sci-fi experience.
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Nick Harkaway: ‘I have a firework going off in my head and I have to describe it’ | Books | The Guardian
Harkaway was talking to William Gibson – a writer he has admired since Neuromancer blew his teenage mind – and he learned that Gibson doesn’t plan his fiction, but just gets a concept and follows the story. If it was good enough for Gibson, Harkaway told himself, he should give it a try. Armed with an image glimpsed in a tube station of a locksmith with a spray can marked “universal solvent”, a figure from the far end of human development and a crime, in 2013 he hit upon the germ of an idea and “just started writing”. A rueful shrug. “It turns out that if you’re doing that with arguably eight protagonists, instead of two, it takes a really long time.”

Harkaway says he wrote the novel “like a 3D printer”, swivelling round in his chair to demonstrate how he would add a chunk of narrative to each strand in turn before swinging back over to add the next piece. By spring 2016 he had a first draft and enlisted the help of seven or eight people to make sure it all made sense. But when the queries started coming in, he found his own novel had escaped him.
Tigerman review – Nick Harkaway's take on the superhero novel
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“It’s the first book where I’ve been totally unable to carry all of it in my head,” he says. “I had to use a whiteboard, I had thousands and thousands of notes in my Evernote folder, I had photographs of the whiteboard. This office, when I was editing it for the final time, looked like one of those terrifying nests that psychopaths make in American cop shows.” In the end, he “had to trust that I knew what I was doing when I put it together”.
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