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Night Patrol by Sholio [Stranger Things. Steve/Nancy/Jonathan]
By March or so, the patrols were getting pretty well organized. There was an actual, honest-to-God signup sheet, stuck to Mrs. Byers' fridge with a smiley rainbow magnet and decorated with stickers by the kids.

(Or: Monsters are hunted, and Steve starts figuring some things out.)
stranger.things  ficrecs  het  slash 
17 hours ago by casapazzo
Three Times Lucky by Sholio [The Defenders]
There is no such thing as luck, no such thing as magic fish, and Jessica wants a refund for this day.
defenders  ficrecs  gen 
17 hours ago by casapazzo
That the Science of Cartography is Limited by Rave [Harry Potter. Remus/Sirius.]
Remus, post OotP, and reminiscing on the Marauders' days. Poetic and mournful.
hp  ficrecs  slash 
2 days ago by casapazzo
dead things by EclipseWing [Harry Potter]
Death isn't good for the soul and dead things can't die twice.

Harry dies too many times to be fine. After the war he goes travelling; he and Tom Riddle always were too much alike for their own good.
hp  ficrecs  gen  au  darkfic 
12 days ago by casapazzo
the city carries ruins in its heart by nex_et_nox [Batman (Comics)]
“Do you trust him?” Jim asked.

“Yes,” said Batman, unhesitating.

He didn’t know if he would ever like Red Hood. He didn’t know if he would ever be able to like working with him. He wanted to arrest the man. But if Batman trusted him, that would have to be enough for Jim.
gen  ficrecs  batman 
12 days ago by casapazzo
It’s a School Night, Why are You Out Saving the World? by TechnicolorVocab01 [Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse]
so, Operation: Stop Spider-Man was amended to Operation: Offer Spider-Man Encouragement and Help Where Needed In Order To Eventually Soften The Kid Up To The Idea Of A Less Terrifyingly Dangerous Extracurricular Activity.

Or, to shorten things up, Operation: Be More Supportive 2.0.
misc.fandoms  gen  ficrecs 
12 days ago by casapazzo
The Ghost Boys of Harlan County by scioscribe [Justified. Raylan, Boyd.]
Raylan had made friends before, but they were always coming back to him the next day and saying how their parents had told them that a Givens would lead them to no good fortune, and so by now he was cautious of the whole venture. He stuck his hands in his pockets and tried very hard to look like what the boy was doing was no concern of his at all, but then he spoiled it by saying, “Hey.” He then desperately tried to look disinterested.
justified  gen  ficrecs  pre-series 
13 days ago by casapazzo
Collaboration by astolat [L.A. Confidential. Bud/Ed/Lynn]
They never talked about what they'd do when he was well again.
misc.fandoms  ficrecs  het  slash 
20 days ago by casapazzo
Marci Stahl Is Better Than You by igrockspock [Daredevil]
Fisk's indictment is good news for everyone -- except the members of his legal team. When no one else will hire Marci, she's forced to take a job at Nelson & Murdock. To make matters worse, she's starting to develop actual feelings for her dorky, no-strings-attached friend with benefits, Foggy Nelson.
daredevil  gen  het  ficrecs 
5 weeks ago by casapazzo
Fate Finds A Way by grilledcheesing [Spider-Man: Homecoming]
Peter Parker was an accident; not one of the five people tasked with taking care of him were prepared. But that didn't make him any less loved.
avengers  ficrecs  gen 
5 weeks ago by casapazzo
Mr. & Mrs. Barton (Or: Why Natasha Sends Jennifer Aniston an Annual Apologetic Fruit Basket) by shellybelle [Avengers. Clint/Natasha.]
Five years before they meet as Hawkeye and the Black Widow, they meet as Clint and Natasha. There is a romance, a marriage, and then, predictably, everything goes absolutely to hell, and Clint still thinks they should be getting royalty money from the DVD sales of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. (Or: boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get married. Boy and girl neglect to do background checks.)
avengers  ficrecs  het 
5 weeks ago by casapazzo
Can't Lose What You Never Had by Tesserae [SPN/SGA. John/Dean.]
Dean thinks he’s hunting some kind of vampire right up to the minute the fighter jets come screaming over the hill and the creature’s trailer disappears in a ball of fire. Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning of the case: one killer may be dead, but something is still leaving inexplicable corpses around Las Vegas. Hunting alone after Sam stormed off in the aftermath of Slash Fiction, Dean finds himself needing to ask the half-dead ex-cop he hauled out of the desert for help.
spn  sga  ficrecs  slash  au 
6 weeks ago by casapazzo
Soldier Girl - Lisse - 琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Out of time and options, the Divine Talent chooses to back a teenage prince with a very protective older sister.

Alternatively: In which Xiao Jingyan, Princess of Da Liang, keeps happening to her brother's strategist.
langyabang  ficrecs 
6 weeks ago by helios_archives
Know Your Own Happiness by serenityabrin [Sense and Sensibility. Elinor/Brandon.]
"And should I not desire a dear friend for my lifelong companion?" Brandon asked.
misc.fandoms  het  ficrecs  yuletide 
6 weeks ago by casapazzo
When the Winds Begin to Sing by regshoe [Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell]
‘We do not know why in 1202 he quarrelled with Winter and banished it from his kingdom, so that for four years Northern England enjoyed continual Summer.’—Jonathan Strange in The Edinburgh Review, 1815.

These events are remembered in rather more detail, however, in Northern England itself.
misc.fandoms  gen  ficrecs  yuletide 
7 weeks ago by casapazzo
Six Scenes from a Hospital on Christmas Eve by Sholio [The Defenders]
Danny and Matt wind up in the hospital. Jessica and Luke keep them company.
defenders  ficrecs  gen  yuletide 
7 weeks ago by casapazzo
in good hands by pollyrepeat [Justified. Tim, Rachel, Raylan.]
“The question,” said Rachel, after Raylan had called her over and Tim decided that gawking over a couple of severed limbs was worth abandoning his post, “is why are the hands severed.”
justified  gen  ficrecs  yuletide 
7 weeks ago by casapazzo
Who Comes and Never Leaves Your Side by torakowalski [Justified. Tim, Rachel.]
“What the fuck is the matter with them?” Tim panted, hastily reloading his sidearm. “All we said was ‘howdy’.”

“Maybe we’re not ‘howdy’ people,” Rachel suggested.

“Yeah?” Tim asked. “Maybe it only works, if you have a hat.”
justified  gen  ficrecs  yuletide 
7 weeks ago by casapazzo

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