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callmesandy: And The Lips That Say, Come On, Taste Us
The one (post canon) where Faith goes into a shoestore where Connor's working, to steal some Doc Martens, and Connor recognizes her.
callmesandy  fic-Buffyverse  Connor/Faith  AU  post-canon  NC-17 
february 2009 by merrily
tesla321: It Is The Hour of Departure
Awesome, heartfelt Faith/Wesley quickie, with all their baggage with them in bed.
tesla321  fic-Buffyverse  Faith/Wesley  nc-17  angst 
january 2009 by merrily
pocketfullof: She Ain't Cautious
Ah, Faith. The Little Black Dress of fandom. :-) (The one where Jo's out hunting, and Faith's out rescuing, and they cross paths.)
pocketfullof  fic-SPN  fic-Buffyverse  xover-fic  Faith/Jo  R  action! 
january 2009 by merrily
antennapedia: Alambic Brandy
The Watchers and Slayers Society is about to hold their annual holiday party. Giles and Faith are half a world away.
antennapedia  fic-Buffyverse  Faith/Giles  R  action! 
january 2009 by merrily
Hateable: Revving From A Central Source
When it’s over, Faith’s up and off him with such speed, grabbing her clothes and tossing Dean’s at him, that for once Dean has to ask, “Who are you?”
hateable  fic-SPN  fic-Buffyverse  xover-fic  Dean/Faith  NC-17 
december 2008 by merrily
Often Very Giddy
Yay! A party at Joss' house, with all our favourites. And Nathan is a spotlight hog.
fic-Buffyverse  gen 
december 2008 by merrily
The Brat Queen: Protocol (index post)
Extreme AU where Angel is the feudal lord of most of California, and Wesley -- trained from birth to be the spouse to a noble -- ends up betrothed to him through the political maneuvering of the Watcher's Council. Unbelievably good.
the-brat-queen  fic-Buffyverse  Angel/Wesley  NC-17  AU 
september 2008 by merrily
callmesandy: And When You Shake The Dogs Howl
Connor is a cop. Buffy is Buffy. And there is banter and demon-hunting and action-plottiness and I loved it.
callmesandy  fic-Buffyverse  Buffy/Connor  R 
august 2008 by merrily
Me: When I Was Three, I Watched The Salem Fire
Giles is in England, and a seer in Devon calls to warn him that a dark force is rising in Sunnydale.
merrilily  fic-Buffyverse  Rupert.Giles  gen 
june 2008 by merrily
ygrawn: No Reason to Panic
After Willow loses control (S6) and everything goes to hell, Spike steps up and takes care of Dawn.
ygrawn  fic-Buffyverse  Dawn.Summers  Buffy/Spike  sweetness 
april 2008 by merrily
Sheila: Kryptonite
Sweet little Xander/Oz falling-in-love series of vignettes.
sheila  fic-Buffyverse  Oz/Xander  R  first-time 
april 2008 by merrily
callmesandy: There, You Dance As Well As Fred Astaire
AU!Anya blows into Charles Gunn's post-apocalypse life, and you can imagine the banter that follows. Sweetly awesome. And not long enough. I want more.
callmesandy  fic-Buffyverse  Anya/Gunn  PG  AU  post-canon 
february 2008 by merrily
carlyinrome: An Equal Temper
The world ends, Cordelia wakes up, and eventually, she meets Seeley Booth. This hurt a lot, but in a good way.
carlyinrome  fic-Buffyverse  fic-Bones  Cordelia/Seeley  R  hurt/comfort 
december 2007 by merrily
Kellifer: Origin
If you have three groups of people devoted to hunting aliens & demons, they're gonna cross paths.
kellifer  fic-SGA  fic-Buffyverse  fic-SPN  xover-fic  gen 
november 2007 by merrily
Glossing: Nice Shirt
An Oz/Xander series, spanning all 7 seasons of Buffy, full of AWESOME.
glossing  fic-Buffyverse  Oz/Xander  NC-17  hurt/comfort 
october 2007 by merrily
thingswithwings: Wound
Adding Faith to any story guarantees instant hotness, and this is no exception. Set post-Return, and just before Faith gets sent to prison. In an LA bar, John Sheppard meets a different kind of vampire killer than he's used to.
thingswithwings  fic-SGA  fic-Buffyverse  xover-fic  Sheppard/Faith  NC-17  earthside 
september 2007 by merrily
Thistlerose: And Away We Go
"Is it weird," Xander asks, "having your roles reversed? Being the one Watcher in all the world – amid hundreds of Slayers?"
thistlerose  fic-Buffyverse  gen  post-canon 
june 2007 by merrily
Me: A Choice of Several Deaths
"It wasn't a walk down the garden path." Ethan wants Rupert to keep moving from his old life. Set post Rupert quitting school, and prior to the Eyghon demon cult.
merrilily  fic-Buffyverse  Giles/Rayne  NC-17  jealousy  drugged!sex  pre-canon  angst 
june 2007 by merrily

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