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Technically Speaking: The Ryde-Grab Phantom Booking Fiasco - Credible?
Just a month after the dramatic (some would say tragic) exit of Uber from the mobile ride-hailing duopoly here in Singapore, Grab has entered headlines again. Apart from the newly-minted dominant player Grab, also filling the vacuum left behind by Uber’s sudden exit are smaller ride-hailing firms like Jugnoo, Ryde and FILO. These smaller firms...

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Technically  Speaking:  The  Ryde-Grab  Phantom  Booking  Fiasco    Credible? 
june 2018 by vrzone
Forbes Welcome
Facebook Staff Created A Weapon, Here's What Happens Next...
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april 2018 by andriak
Post-apocalyptic life in American health care
My god, this is so dysfunctional.

'I observe that American health care organizations can no longer operate systematically, so participants are forced to act in the communal mode, as if in the pre-modern world.
Health care is one leading edge of a general breakdown in systematicity — while, at the same time, employing sophisticated systematic technologies.
For complex health care problems, I recommend hiring a consultant to provide administrative (not medical!) guidance.'

via Craig.
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january 2018 by jm

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