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GitHub - rpav/cl-autowrap: (c-include "file.h") => complete FFI wrapper
This is a new c2ffi-based wrapper generator for Common Lisp with a focus, performance, convenience, and completeness.
seeAlso: https://github.com/rpav/c2ffi
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8 weeks ago by slowbyte
cppyy: Automatic Python-C++ bindings — cppyy 1.0.0 documentation
cppyy is an automatic Python-C++ bindings generator designed for large scale programs in high performance computing that use modern C++.
cppyy is based on Cling, the C++ interpreter, to match Python’s dynamism and interactivity.
sameAs: https://bitbucket.org/wlav/cppyy
sameAs: https://bitbucket.org/wlav/cppyy-backend
c++  python  ffi 
august 2018 by slowbyte

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