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White Emperor, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction
After war, Byakuya is given the task of healing Haschwald and establishing a connection between the shinigami and quincy noble houses to encourage peace. As the two interact, an odd connection begins to form. Slowly, the two men begin to realize that they have more in common than they thought…yaoi, mpreg…Byakuya/Haschwald, Bazz-B/Renji, Ichigo/Tetsuya
bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  yaoi  WIP  Byakuya/Jugram 
12 days ago by cptnsuz
Pursued: A Story of Love and Courtship Chapter 1: Breaking the Golden Cage, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction
Renji loves Byakuya, but he is devastated when his beloved Taicho is chosen to marry the spirit king's daughter. And Princess Hanakaji would rather fight alongside Byakuya than marry him. Could the answer to their happiness come in the form of hapless Rikichi, who catches the princess's eye?...Yaoi...Renji/Byakuya, Rikichi/Princess Hanakaji
bleach  fanfic  ff.net  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  multi-chapter  WIP  pre-ship  Byakuya/Renji  rikichi/oc  yaoi  het  solo  OCs 
20 days ago by cptnsuz
Desirable Color
An extension of a scene in chapter 23, "Under the Umbrella". A shopkeeper mistakes Jo and Friedrich for a couple. He's wrong, of course ... but only by a few minutes.
bhaer  jo  bhaer/jo  littlewomen  Laura.Schiller  ff.net 
5 weeks ago by alcottfanfiction
Between Twilight and Dawn Part 2: Diablo's Hourglass - Chapter 1 - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Part 2 of the Between Twilight and Dawn series
While rebuilding their lives in the wake of Aizen's treachery, Byakuya and Renji find themselves faced with their worst fears realized when the enemy they thought gone returns to inflict a devastating blow...

Also https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6274460/1/Between-Twilight-and-Dawn-Part-2-Diablo-s-Hourglass
bleach  fanfic  ao3  ff.net  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  byakuya/renji  OC  mpreg  childbirth  baby  multi-chapter  nsfw 
11 weeks ago by cptnsuz
Our Secret Place - Chapter 1 - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Byakuya, Ichigo and Tetsuya share a secret, steamy love affair, but when the unexpected happens, their secret could be exposed and the consequences of that may be deadly…yaoi, mpreg...Ichigo/Byakuya/Tetsuya, Aizen/Kisuke...a request by Beebo85.

Also https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13244125/1/
bleach  fanfic  ao3  ff.net  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  WIP  nsfw  threesome  Byakuya/Ichigo/OC 
12 weeks ago by cptnsuz
Shattered Ice - Chapter 1 - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
As the shinigamis pick up the pieces after the soul king protection war, an unconscious Aizen Sosuke is found alongside Kuchiki Tetsuya’s spellbound body. His spirit shattered by the
violence of the war, Tetsuya lies, unresponsive. Desperate to see his beloved cousin revived, Byakuya makes a deal with Aizen that begins as a private exchange of favors, but could end up shaking the heavens.

Also https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13241408/1/
bleach  fanfic  ao3  ff.net  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  WIP  Byakuya/Renji  Ichigo/OC  kuchiki_rukia 
12 weeks ago by cptnsuz
Between Twilight and Dawn - Chapter 1 - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Part 1 of the Between Twilight and Dawn series

After Aizen Sousuke's death, a long imprisoned Byakuya is found hidden in Las Noches...but is his return a miracle, or is it simply Aizen's attempt at revenge? Mpreg

Also here https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6079008/1/Between-Twilight-and-Dawn-Part-1-Once-Lost
bleach  fanfic  ao3  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  yaoi  multi-chapter  Byakuya/Renji  mpreg  Byakuya/Sousuke  non-con  Kuchiki_Rukia  abortion  ff.net  miscarriage  nsfw  mindfuckery  kid  Shihouin_Yoruichi  Urahara_Kisuke  h/c  childbirth  OCs  Unohana_Retsu 
february 2019 by cptnsuz
Always My Taichou - Chapter 1 - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
As Byakuya lies comatose after his battle with As Nodt, Renji contemplates their past and discovers that there is much more between them than he realized before. But will he ever have the chance to tell his taichou what he only just realized? Or will he forever live in regret for realizing it a moment too late?
bleach  ao3  ff.net  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  yaoi  multi-chapter  Byakuya/Renji  Unohana_Retsu  Kuchiki_Rukia  nsfw  OC/OC  mpreg  As_Nodt/Byakuya  non-con  torture  birthday  wedding  childbirth  h/c 
january 2019 by cptnsuz
A Rukon Dog's Dream: Or Was It? - Chapter 1 - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Renji and Shuuhei have a sweet little fantasy together, while unbeknownst to them, Byakuya arrives at the sixth division and witnesses. What will the Kuchiki leader do, knowing how the two handsomely tattooed lieutenants feel about him?

Also here https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12614847/1/A-Rukon-Dog-s-Dream-or-was-it
bleach  fanfic  ao3  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  nsfw  multi-chapter  Renji/Shuuhei  voyeur  ff.net  threesome  dp  Byakuya/Renji/Shuuhei  yaoi 
january 2019 by cptnsuz
Anything for You - Chapter 1 - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Juushiro wakes to find that he has somehow been freed from Mimihagi's grip. To his dismay, he finds that Shunsui has fallen into an unexplained coma and is slowly dying. Desperate to save the one he secretly loves, he enters Shunsui's crumbling world and learns the shocking truth about what his beloved has done

On ff https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12748278/1/Anything-for-You
bleach  fanfic  ao3  ff.net  nsfw  Jyuushirou/Shunsui  kisuke/oc  WIP  multi-chapter  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  Byakuya/Toushirou  mpreg  angst  h/c 
january 2019 by cptnsuz
Building From Ashes - Chapter 1 - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Part 1 of the Building From Ashes series

After his injury saving Rukia, Byakuya accepts an offer from his fukutaichou to come and care for him at Kuchiki Manor while he heals...Confusion leads to passion, and passion to danger.

On FF https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7036704/1/Building-From-Ashes-Part-1
bleach  fanfic  ao3  ff.net  yaoi  multi-chapter  Byakuya/Renji  h/c  inspection  first_time  nsfw  shihouin_yoruichi  inoue_Orihime  Kuchiki_Rukia  Unohana_Retsu  wedding 
january 2019 by cptnsuz
Heroes - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
One is a hero that everyone sees and everyone knows his name, but his counterpart is the reason that hero wins…a banished genius whose quiet mind has outthought every wicked enemy, yet he remains shadowy, while the other basks in the sunlight. What happens when one reaches across the distance?

On ff https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13095630/1/Heroes
bleach  fanfic  ao3  ff.net  yaoi  Ichigo/Kisuke  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne 
january 2019 by cptnsuz
The Man I See - Chapter 1 - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
When Ichigo sustains an injury that steals his vision, he begins to despair that the hero in him is gone, but one person is determined to help him find that hero again…yaoi, mpreg…Ichigo/Byakuya, Kisuke/Tetsuya, Renji/Uryu, Shunsui/Ukitake.

On ff - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13167891/1/The-Man-I-See
bleach  fanfic  ao3  ff.net  author:spunky0ne/starfire0ne  yaoi  multi-chapter  WIP  mpreg  Byakuya/Ichigo  Kisuke/OC  Renji/Uryuu  dub-con  OC/OC  Kuchiki_Rukia 
january 2019 by cptnsuz
Little Shop of Pleasures - Chapter 1 - Spunky0ne - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
A devastated and very drunk Renji makes a confession to Kisuke that sets the shopkeeper and the Rukongai mongrel on an unexpected course…yaoi, mpreg…Kisuke/Renji, Byakuya/Tetsuya...This is a collaborative effort between Spunky0ne and SesshomaruFreak Be sure to check out the rest of the pack! Listed on my FFnet profile :)

mirror. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13175231/1/
bleach  fanfic  ao3  ff.net  author:spunky0ne  WIP  yaoi  alcohol  Kisuke/Renji  Byakuya/OC  unrequited  Byakuya/Renji 
january 2019 by cptnsuz
Beth's Thoughts The Girl in the Corner
Beth, as she grew sicker and assured of her quickly approaching death, spent much of her time thinking in peaceful silence. In fact, Beth was rather quiet and thoughtful all her life. This poem, "The Girl in the Corner", is based around Beth's short, meaningful life, and how she could have changed so much more in the world for the better if people took the time to notice her.
Rated: Fiction K - English - Poetry - Words: 302 - Reviews: 1 - Published: Dec 16 - id: 13148916
beth  littlewomen  ff.net  Lillymaeflower 
december 2018 by alcottfanfiction
What Happened After
Follow the track of Jo and Freddy's relationship between the attic and their wedding. Based on the 2018 film.
Rated: Fiction K - English - Romance/Family - Jo M., F. Bhaer - Words: 2,499 - Reviews: 2 - Published: Oct 6 - Status: Complete - id: 13085961
ff.net  littlewomen  jo  bhaer  bhaer/jo  Daelena 
december 2018 by alcottfanfiction
Anne of the Asylum
The four March Sisters have recently inherited the Hopetown orphan asylum, and recently received a new orphan named Anne Shirley. Set before Anne of Green Gables.
jo  meg  beth  amy  littlewomen  crossover  ff.net  TheEpicNerdRightHere 
october 2018 by alcottfanfiction

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