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Ask HN: Are there books for mathematics like Feynman's lectures on physics? | Hacker News
These comments from HN contain a boatload of suggestions for good math books and articles. The emphasis is on self-learning. The model is the Feynman series on physics.
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22 days ago by brentfarwick
Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine - The Long Now
By the end of that summer of 1983, Richard had completed his analysis of the behavior of the router, and much to our surprise and amusement, he presented his answer in the form of a set of partial differential equations. To a physicist this may seem natural, but to a computer designer, treating a set of boolean circuits as a continuous, differentiable system is a bit strange. Feynman's router equations were in terms of variables representing continuous quantities such as "the average number of 1 bits in a message address." I was much more accustomed to seeing analysis in terms of inductive proof and case analysis than taking the derivative of "the number of 1's" with respect to time.
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25 days ago by cabresto
(7) Beautiful Minds #3- How Do Trees/Plants Grow- Richard Feynman - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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27 days ago by ivar
exponential function - Feynman's Trick for Approximating $e^x$ - Mathematics Stack Exchange
1. e^2.3 ~ 10
2. e^.7 ~ 2
3. e^x ~ 1+x
e = 2.71828...

errors (absolute, relative):
1. +0.0258, 0.26%
2. -0.0138, -0.68%
3. 1 + x approximates e^x on [-.3, .3] with absolute error < .05, and relative error < 5.6% (3.7% for [0, .3]).
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28 days ago by nhaliday
Viewpoint: Feynman, Harassment, and the Culture of Science
Viewpoint articles are a vehicle for members of the Caltech community to express their opinions on issues surrounding the interface of science and society. The...
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5 weeks ago by alessandromingione
Richard Feynman’s Integral Trick - Cantor’s Paradise - Medium
But I caught on how to use that method, and I used that one damn tool again and again. [If] guys at MIT or Princeton had trouble doing a certain integral, [then] I come along and try differentiating u
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7 weeks ago by geetarista
I can’t even fit his known for in a single mobile screen shot
Feynman  from twitter
11 weeks ago by rcsmedia

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