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Fettucine Alfredo: Essen wie ein Holllywoodstar in Rom | SPIEGEL ONLINE
Bandnudeln mit einer dicken Sauce aus sehr viel Butter und Käse: Fettucine Alfredo sind in den USA das Pastagericht schlechthin. Der Mann, der es erfunden hat, verzauberte ganz Hollywood mit seinen Rezepten.
Pasta  Italien  USA  Fettucine  News  Kulturgeschichte  Rezept  Hollywood 
february 2018 by Einfach_Essen
Fettucine with Mushrooms, Tarragon, and Goat Cheese Sauce
3/13/17. Fettucine with Mushrooms, Tarragon, and Goat-Cheese Sauce. Very good, a go-to. I roasted the mushrooms (about 10 minutes, and all – portobello, button, and shiitake – came out fine. I didn’t keep track of the mushroom amount, and there were too few for the pasta, which was fettucine rigate.
pasta  fettucine  tarragon  mushrooms  goatcheese  sauce 
march 2017 by bodeswell
Fettuccine with Five-Spice Pork and Carrots Recipe - Quick From Scratch Pasta | Food & Wine
4/28/16. Fettucine with Five-Spice Pork and Carrots. I used five-spice powder that I made, I think. Fettucine seemed wrong, so I used rice. I forgot the sugar, but will add some to the leftovers. I didn’t measure the salt, pepper, and five-spice powder for the pork, just sprinkled it over. The sauce didn’t really thicken, maybe because of that. I used asparagus instead of carrots. It was fine; the spice not too heavy. Five-spice seems OK with Carmela if used properly.
pasta  fettucine  porktenderloin  fivespicepowder  ginger  jalapeno 
january 2015 by bodeswell
My Famous Homemade Pasta & Sauce - Imgur
This is my famous homemade fettuccine and fresh tomato sauce. It's a process but it's worth it. Here's the recipe in photo form.
pasta  homemade  fettucine  tomato  sauce  basil  fresh  recipe 
july 2014 by 44sunsets
Pasta with Tomato, Spinach, Basil, and Brie Recipe | Simply Recipes
Technique is cooking tomatoes and brie together in microwave. 6/3/14. Pasta with Tomato, Spinach, Basil, and Brie. This was very good. Cooking the cheese and tomatoes in the microwave worked perfectly well, although in the end, I put the whole wheat linguine into a pan with the sauce, just to meld it a little more.
pasta  linguine  fettucine  spinach  brie  basil  technique 
june 2014 by bodeswell
Veggie num num : Mushroom Ricotta Fettuccine
The ricotta takes the place of cream. 5/5/14. Mushroom Ricotta Fettucine. Made with linguine. This was perfectly fine, if underspiced. Certainly want to use all 2 cups of spinach, or maybe spinach and arugula. I added extra pasta water after putting in the ricotta-egg mixture, and the eggs curdled. Beware of that. OK, but not great.
pasta  ricotta  mushrooms  vegetarian  fettucine 
march 2014 by bodeswell
Bean Bolognese Recipe | Eating Well
2/2/15. Bean Bolognese. This turned out to be fine, although it seemed a little bland, like so many vegetarian recipes. I added a small pinch of pepperocini, and some leftover meat bolognese. It doesn’t take a long time, once the beans are ready. I used dried 16-bean soup beans, and it had the variety that was recommended.
canneddicedtomatoes  beans  vegetarian  fettucine  pasta 
november 2013 by bodeswell
Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo Pasta Recipe « Chef Marcus Samuelsson¬es=
5/9/16. Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo. This was pretty good, although maybe a little thick. Less goat cheese maybe. But a good change. I don’t see it as having the flavor palette of alfredo, which is indeed too rich, but it’s good on its own. My notes suggest creme fraiche instead of the goat cheese, and that’s an idea. Make a recipe using creme fraiche and some cheeses.
cream  fettucine  artichokehearts  cremefraiche  pasta  redpeppers 
november 2012 by bodeswell
Fettuccine with Sausage and Kale Recipe at Epicurious.com
10/18/12. This was easy to do and generally tasty. I steamed the kale, which worked just as well as blanching it.
fettucine  pasta  sausage  kale 
october 2012 by bodeswell
Fettuccine With Sausage And Fried Sage Leaves - Recipes - The New York Times
a version using cream and sauteeing sage leaves separately. 1/5/14. Fettucine with Sausage and Fried Sage Leaves. Very easy and tasty. This is a sauce mainly with cream. I didn't get a strong flavor from the sage leaves, but it was still very good. I used the chicken sausage with onions and herbs. Like very much the technique with the sausage -- boiling, then chopping roughly and browning. Of course that also added to the sauce. A go-to.
parmesan  cream  sage  sausage  pasta  fettucine  go-to 
september 2012 by bodeswell

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