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The Truth About Pregnancy Over 40 - NYT Parenting
More than 100,000 Americans give birth in their 40s each year, but what does that mean for the health of their pregnancies and their babies?
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The Lasting Trauma of Infertility - The New York Times
My 2-year-old loves fishing money and credit cards out of my wallet, so now I carry a decoy wallet complete with fake bills from her toy register and spent gift cards. Way less nerve-racking than extracting a balled-up twenty from the fist of a toddler. — Amy Cao, Brooklyn, N.Y.
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2019 Growth Theory Conference - May 11-12 | Economics Department at Brown University
Guillaume Blanc (Brown) and Romain Wacziarg (UCLA and NBER) "Change and Persistence in the Age of Modernization:
Saint-Germain-d’Anxure, 1730-1895∗"

Figure – Fertility
Figure – Mortality
Figure – Literacy

Short pre-modern lives weren't overwhelmingly about infant mortality:

From this weekend's excellent Deep Roots conference at @Brown_Economics, new evidence from a small French town, an ancestral home of coauthor Romain Wacziarg:
European Carpe Diem poems made a lot more sense when 20-year-olds were halfway done with life:
N.B. that's not a correction at all, it's telling the same story as the above figure:

Conditioned on surviving childhood, usually living to less than 50 years total in 1750s France and in medieval times.
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Fertility Shock: What Dearbhail McDonald failed to address | Gript
Fertility Shock: “Nobody mentioned the elephant in the room …we’re facing a major fertility crisis and what does our government do? They’ve just legalised abortion on demand and now they want to make divorce even easier. Typical Ireland, we’re always last to the party and last to learn from everyone else’s mistakes”.
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Eric Kaufmann on Immigration, Identity, and the Limits of Individualism (Ep. 70)
> KAUFMANN: Well, the way it works with fertility is that, if you’re very patriarchal, you have high fertility. If you are not patriarchal at all, you have moderate fertility. And if you’re in the middle, you tend to have really low fertility. The thing in Japan is that women — they know that once they stop working, they will essentially just be folding shirts for their husband.
I think that part of this is that, because the society is still relatively patriarchal, it has that very low fertility. Something similar in southern Europe that we see also, again, very low fertility. So one of the ways this is explained is that, if you give women the opportunity to enter and exit the workforce relatively easily and you don’t impose a very sort of patriarchal gender role, then you will get somewhat higher fertility. Japan fits that pattern of southern Europe.
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The Politics of Procreation - Quillette
“No matter how many communes anybody invents,” the late anthropologist Margaret Mead suggested, “the family always creeps back.” This will prove to be the case in the decades ahead. Greens, progressives, and feminists may seek to weaken this most precious institution, but in the end, they cannot manufacture future generations. As they have done from primitive times, families create the future, in the only way humanity can remain fundamentally human.
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