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Increasingly, fashion/lifestyle mags are covering . But vs. feminists frame is tired and cou…
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4 days ago by andriak
The weakened signal hits home. | Dalrock
But over time as the length of the delay increased, this weakened the signal women collectively sent to young men that respectable men will be sexually successful.  It isn’t just that young women are now astonishingly open about their intent to have sex with badboys in their prime and settle for a beta provider at the last minute, although that has to have an impact.  It also isn’t just that as a society we see married fathers as beneath contempt, although surely that’s having an impact as well.  Today an 18 year old man doesn’t see the same incentive to knock himself out on education and career that men of previous generations saw.  Today an 18 year old man sees that for the next decade or so his most effective sexual strategy is to focus on being the sexy badboy young women dedicate their sexual prime to, not patiently preparing to be the boring loyal dude who will pick up the tab*.
Marriage  culture  feminists  dalrock 
6 days ago by HispanicPundit
(99) Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown on Milo and Western Civilization - YouTube
Rachel Fulton Brown on her controversies, Western Civilizations role in bringing about many things we now take for granted (Womens rights, etc), Milo and Universities role.
RachelBrown  WesternCiv  feminists  podcasts  Milo  TrumpCampaign 
9 days ago by HispanicPundit
Did the Sexual Revolution Create Identity Politics? - The American Interest
The argument that the destruction of the family is fundamentally the reason of identity politics and the destruction of political discourse.
IdentityPolitics  culture  Marriage  AmericanInterest  Books  feminists 
9 days ago by HispanicPundit
(98) Sam Harris: Trump, Reparations, Manifestos, Fox News - YouTube
Sam Harris discusses the crazy turn the left has taken and how it has a real impact on political discourse.
SamHarris  podcasts  Race  feminists  Immigration  SPLC  censorship 
10 days ago by HispanicPundit
Making Sense Podcast #135 - Navigating Sex and Gender | Sam Harris
After dissing Catholic Church via sex scandal, discusses evolutionary psychology with UCLA professor Martie Haselton. Topics include: Sex, Gender, homosexuality, transgender, basic differences between men and women, hormones effect on women (~1hour mark), PMS, etc
feminists  evolution  SamHarris  podcasts  transgender  genderissues 
4 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The Virtue in Shame - The American Interest
Helping people to enjoy sex or talk about sex without embarrassment are positive things, but by confusing false shame with true shame, and then opposing both, the critics’ methods have also encouraged the disjunction of sex from higher feeling. They have encouraged the delusion that one’s sexual past can easily be forgotten. They have abetted cynicism and obscenity. They have poured venomous and bitter ridicule on any act of modesty. They have enabled a new kind of prude to come into being, as vicious as the old one. They have turned masculinity and femininity into dirty words.
moralissues  culture  feminists  AmericanInterest 
6 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Giveaway time! I will send one of these cool delicious new summer colour to a lucky person. Just reply t…
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8 weeks ago by profaniti
(64) Joe Rogan Experience #1191 - Peter Boghossian & James Lindsay - YouTube
Two academics faked a bunch of papers on complete BS & got them published in serious academic journals just to show how ridiculous some of these majors (education, ethnic/gender studies, etc) have become. They talk about their experience on @joerogan show.Also, how the roots of all of this is post-modernism.
Academia  feminists  philosophy  Religion 
9 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
More Women Have Joyless Sex Than You Think | The American Conservative
What is the relevance of this supposed surge in undesired sex to the rise in allegations of sexual assault on campus? Robin West believes there’s a link. The campus “hook-up” culture has created a rough, competitive marketplace in which women are impelled to rush headlong into superficial, short-lived physical intimacies as the condition for social popularity and the company of the opposite sex—intimacies they may not really find physically stimulating or emotionally satisfying. Although real sexual assault does undoubtedly occur on campus—most often against victims inebriated to virtual unconsciousness—the standard encounters giving rise to accusations, although often drunken, frequently appear to be voluntary. Yet women see fit to file complaints about them, and that is what needs explaining. Woody Allen said that “even when it’s bad, it’s good,” but that seems less true for women than for men. It’s a safe bet that women suffer more from “bad sex” than men—from sex that doesn’t feel right, that brings disappointment and regret, that engenders little happiness, pleasure, or satisfaction. As Naomi Schaefer Riley reports in a recent review of Mark Regnerus’s Cheap Sex, studies consistently show that while men tend to rue their failure to have more sex, women are more likely to regret the sexual encounters they’ve had.
Sex  feminists  AmyWax  AmericanConservative 
10 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
My Chat with Milo Yiannopoulos (THE SAAD TRUTH_121) - YouTube
On the feminists and SJW's role in censorship and the roots of them. Milo explains a bit why he has a feud with Ben Shapiro. Also, on the intersection of evolution psychology with homosexuality and how autism explains alot of atheism.
feminists  censorship  Milo  Saad  youtube  Shapiro  homosexuality  evolution  Autism  atheism 
11 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Joe Rogan Experience #702 - Milo Yiannopoulos - YouTube
Discussion on feminism, SJW, Britain as where the USA will go to, net neutrality, feminism, Christianity, homosexuality,
feminists  censorship  Campaign2016  Milo  JoeRogan  youtube  Britain  NetNeutrality  Religion  christian  gay-marriage 
12 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Joe Rogan Experience #724 - Christina Sommers - YouTube
Christina Sommers on how feminism went off the rails and its impact on academia.
feminists  Academia  free-speech  podcasts  JoeRogan  ChristinaSommers 
may 2019 by HispanicPundit
Women Over 30 Are Leaving Their Husbands and Boyfriends For Other Women | InStyle.com
Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg, a professor and division chief of behavioral medicine in the OB/GYN unit at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, tells me that in her clinical work, she’s seen straight cis women like me experiencing sudden same-sex attraction. “I have seen a mild increase in my own practice of women in their 30s over the last decade,” says Kingsberg. They’d been happy with men all their lives. Maybe they’d married, many already had children. And at some point in their 30s or 40s, a switch just flipped.
manosphere  feminists 
april 2019 by HispanicPundit
RT : Anyone else find it weird that say "Believe all women" but when cardib victims start talking, they be li…
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march 2019 by nzeribe
(58) Biology Culture Ideology - YouTube
How modern online dating preferences closely match the mating habits of our closest chimp relatives.
evolution  Sex  video  youtube  feminists  contraceptions  culture 
march 2019 by HispanicPundit

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