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FemTechNet Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Pedagogy Workbook
Acknowledging the challenges of teaching these sensitive and contentious topics in a time of economic retrenchment and increasing institutional precarity for departments of ethnic, gender, and humanisitic studies, this workbook is an ongoing project to build resources for faculty members who are often overburdened at their home institutions, but are willing to take on the difficult task of teaching about gender and racial inequity in our information culture.
pedagogy  digital.media  race  feminism 
5 hours ago by j-l-r
Opinion | Lean Out - The New York Times
Perhaps it’s only fair that, as women like Sheryl Sandberg rise to power, they pay the price for failure. But why is everyone so ready to forgive the man who really runs Facebook?
technology  feminism  leadership  surveillance.capitalism  corruption  zuckerberg  apologetics 
21 hours ago by po
Olympe de Gouges - Wikipedia
Olympe de Gouges (French: [olɛ̃p də ɡuʒ] (About this soundlisten); 7 May 1748 – 3 November 1793), born Marie Gouze, was a French playwright and political activist whose writings on Women's rights and abolitionist reached a large audience.
yesterday by olanthanide
Global Summit of Women all-male panel: It's important, not sexist, for men to talk about feminism.
Today, Québécouis commentator Marie-Andrée Paquet tweeted a familiar image: A photograph of six white, male CEOs holding court on a conference stage. “ ...
feminism  twitteroutrage  women 
yesterday by hay
Galvanize USA | Unlocking the power of women
Bluestein's friend who has founded an organization to change white women's minds about racism vs. misogyny
charity  politics  feminism 
yesterday by emmacarlson
The “Woke” Men Who Still Want Housewives – Jessica Valenti – Medium
> There is a big difference between believing in equality and being willing to live it — especially for men.

Strike, and stop doing the work for them.
yesterday by sonniesedge
Fuck Lena Dunham And The White Feminist Horse She Rode In On
she is the latest in the long line of white feminists who have willingly harmed Black women for the sake of protecting white men. And Lena Dunham learned how to do that from all the white women who came before her.
feminism  white-feminism 
2 days ago by larnjee
Ariana Grande: Women in Music Cover Story | Billboard
“They’re unable to accept the fact that women are a million things, and not just two,” she says. “You can be adorable and brilliant. You can be friendly and silly, and yet strong and indestructible. You can be professional and present and also sexual and fun.
feminism  music  leadership  character 
3 days ago by mkatase

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