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Feminismen i ett förrättsligat landskap «
Det här är en del i en större samhällsutveckling mot en ”juridifiering” av konflikter som tidigare betraktats som politiska. Den här förändringen handlar om hur vi talar om och betraktar politiska problem, men också om faktumet att allt fler frågor avgörs i rättssalen snarare än på andra politiska arenor. Att också de progressiva rörelserna påverkas av det här syns genom demonstrationer mot domar och krav på strängare straff för våldtäkt, i drivandet av enskilda och vägledande rättsfall som metod, i utvecklingen av en ”rörelsejuridik” och i ett sätt att tala om rätten som synonym till rättvisa. Kampen för samtyckeslagstiftningen kan ses som ett led i detta.
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4 hours ago by rsms
We Need New Child Labor Laws for the Digital Age – Power Trip – Medium
In fact, almost all of their digital activities can be described using game theorist Julian Küchlich’s term: playbour. He combines the words “play” and “labour” (he uses the British spelling) to signify how the distinction between leisure and production becomes unclear as digital media turns creative play into a commodity. Please don’t get distracted by the fancy jargon Küchlich borrows from the academic field of political economy. There’s nothing especially complicated about what he’s trying to say. It’s basically just the observation that every time my boys post a photo on Instagram or chat on Discord, they’re providing the content that other users will enjoy.
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6 hours ago by osi_info_program
I Know the Salaries of Thousands of Tech Employees
Pay equity requires transparency, so I’m revealing what I know
salary  compensation  culture  gender  feminism  negotiation 
9 hours ago by spaceninja
SQLite Adopts 'Monastic' Code of Conduct - Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: Undoubtedly in response to this politically motivated sort of claptrap, SQLite has released their own Code of Conduct. From the preamble: Having been encouraged by clients to adopt a written code of conduct, the SQLite developers elected to govern their interactions wit...
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15 hours ago by pankkake
Adobe says it closed the gender pay gap in all of its markets — Quartz at Work
“Adobe had already reported that it had arrived at gender parity in the US last year. In January, it hit the mark in India, where it was one of the first multinationals to do so, says Donna Morris, Adobe’s executive vice president of customer and employee experience. Earlier this year, she says, the company finalized adjustments that brought pay parity to nearly 20,000 employees across the regions.

“Now the company will continue to monitor pay practices annually, working with an outside auditing firm to ensure that gender parity is maintained, Morris says. It also will map roles and salaries in newly acquired companies to Adobe’s existing jobs base, to ensure that mergers with other companies don’t throw the numbers off track.”
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yesterday by handcoding
𝔚𝔞𝔯 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔓𝔢𝔞𝔰 on Twitter: "Slutty Witch #5… "
alt = In a four-panel comic:
• A dog howls as a witch flies past on her broom.
• The witch stops to ask, “Did you just howl at me?”
• The dog says, “No, I was howling at the moon. I respect women and their autonomy.”
• The witch says, “Cool. Bye!” and the dog says, “See ya.”
witches  dogs  feminism  2018  autonomy  howling 
yesterday by handcoding
YouTube -- Janice Fiamengo: Women Overvalue Themselves - TFF Episode 39
'In Episode 39 Professor Fiamengo wonders whether women are right to undervalue themselves since they are accustomed to men doing most of the hard work.' -- "In a society that did not value women, would we really have so many studies worrying about the fact that women don't properly value themselves?" -- Your inferiority complex is exceeded only by your superiority complex.
women  feminism  victimhood  threatnarrative 
2 days ago by adamcrowe

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