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So You Want to Be a Male Feminist? Maybe Don’t.
One of the hardest parts of coming to grips with the depth and breadth of the patriarchy is recognizing that there are no exceptions. Maybe you didn’t, personally, do anything wrong, but you were still born into a power structure that gave you unjust rewards.
4 hours ago by robjwells
On Aziz Ansari And Sex That Feels Violating Even When It’s Not Criminal | HuffPost
I want to be clear: I do not believe that either of these encounters qualifies as sexual assault, nor do I think that the men involved were being intentionally thoughtless or harmful. But in both of these cases, I ended the night feeling gross and a bit violated. I wondered why I had let these men into my private space or entered theirs. I wondered why I hadn’t articulated my boundaries more clearly. I wondered why so little care or attention had been paid to my verbal and nonverbal cues of discomfort and disinterest. I wondered whether or not these men were rehashing these concerns, too.
19 hours ago by rsms
Men koans
Confident masculine rhetoric
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yesterday by nelson
Aziz, We Tried to Warn You - The New York Times
It may seem like rules around sex have changed overnight, but feminists have been talking about this for a long time.
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