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What Is Abortion? - Why Abortion Is Not Murder
If you are a woman, never forget that your body is yours. No one has any right to any part of it without your consent. Your breasts are yours, your vagina is yours, your womb is yours. The body that houses your soul is already occupied. It is occupied by you. You live there. And you do not have to let anyone use it without your permission.
feminism  rights  self-care  sex-ed 
13 hours ago by kadymae
Women Don't Owe Men a Debate About Feminism
Literally no one said you did. Not even Crowder. That's why he set it up the way he did - so it's optional, anyone can come debate him. Why is it that feminists always jump right to "we don't owe you X" in so many situations where no one is saying they do?

In any case, I was thinking about this very thing just yesterday, and figured the feminist response would be something along the lines of "we're not interested in debating our lived experiences - it's not a game for us." Sure enough, here we are - this is how predictable they've become.
feminism  rhetoric 
17 hours ago by rdormer
When the Shooter Is Female
....we quickly jump to mental illness as an explanation, because it's totally acceptable for women, but *not* for men. Actually briefly approaches lucidity on the topic of gun control, then veers off into predictable territory
feminism  firearms 
17 hours ago by rdormer
Meet the self-professed misandrists on Twitter, the women who’ve got it all figured out
"It’s a rhetorical tool, you fucking tools"

Oh really? Okay, well, when MRAs get their dander up it's just a rhetorical tool...
17 hours ago by rdormer
Please Marry a Man Who Understands Feminism
"because you don't have time to debate why mysoginy is bad with your partner," says the author, starting the persuasive definitions before she's even started the actual article
feminism  rhetoric 
19 hours ago by rdormer

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