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Is becoming a hermit the ultimate feminist statement?
A woman alone, unwatched, unchaperoned and without children is impossible for us to process. What does she do with her time? Burn the witch. She doesn’t exist. But what of those women who, against all odds, refuse these rules? We don’t remember them. So here, instead, a commemoration to those few who did: ‘I want to be alone.’
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yesterday by alclaexman
Fascism, Fundamentalism and Patriarchy | Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle
Basically, they portray women as Matrishakti, motherhood being pivotal in their characterisation of women and her power. Women are mothers and wives and they must be honoured and protected. For them the Hindu woman today is not a victim but a power that has to be channelised for the service of the community. Essentially they are indoctrinating women to hate Muslims as enemies, uphold patriarchal values — they believe that there are natural and essential differences between women and men — and ignore gender injustices that exist in Hindu laws and customs, but view the injustice that Muslim women are subject to in an exaggerated manner (note their excessive concern about restrictions like burkha on Muslim women) and justify the rapes and molestations of women from Muslim and other minority communities. As a whole they are being indoctrinated to accept a fascist agenda which will be extremely harmful to the rights of women.
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2 days ago by ayamnotkambing
sian and crooked rib: 'Go die in a fire" is not just an idle threat - as I know only too well
It took me a long time to realise this was an act of male violence. I know that sounds silly – it’s so obvious isn’t it? Two men attacked me by setting my hair on fire, and I didn’t see that as male violence. I now realise that one of the barriers I faced to naming what happened to me was that I didn’t report. Not reporting meant I never recognised what had happened, or why it ‘counted’ as violence. I’ve written about this in terms of naming experiences of sexual assault and how long it took me to realise that what happened to me was assault. 

These two boys set my hair on fire as an act of intimidation against my brother. They knew that attacking me was a way of attacking him. They treated my body as a cipher – my body was a proxy – to send him a message. It’s all tied up in the idea of women’s bodies as property of male relatives, and of course it’s all sub-consciously tied up in ideas of the importance of women’s hair. Understanding this, seeing the historical, social and cultural patterns, all of this helped me recognise this was an act of male violence against me, a girl at the time. It helped me name what happened to me. It helped me to understand that what happened to me was deliberately meant as violence, and that it was cruel, and that it was vicious. It helped me understand why I felt scared, and upset, and hurt. It helped me understand why I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated. And it helped me understand why I felt so angry when nothing happened to show them what they had done to me. 
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3 days ago by paniedejmirade

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