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Men, if you really think you’re a feminist here’s what to do when a woman says you’re being sexist
more of the standard issue "if I'm upset you need to shut up and listen, regardless of what I'm saying" talk...

"If a woman is saying you are being sexist, you definitely have to listen, because you’ve never lived life as a woman and don’t know what it is like to face sexism every single waking hour of your life. It is so tedious. While sexism is theoretical to you, it is oh so very real to us, so at least listen to what we have to say. "


“behind every woke man is an exhausted feminist you need to thank.”

I wonder what would happen if a man said something this condescending about women? Oh right, a fucking article in the Independent...

"You don’t have to hold your hands up, get down and your knees and pray for mercy from your feminist overladies."

You sure about that?

"It’s the white noise humming in the background of every interaction."

Yes, when asking for the time, or directions, or thanking someone for giving me my change, or being fired by my boss, you can hear the white noise of patriarchy humming in the background.....
yesterday by rdormer
The Market Theocracy
The real material unfreedom women experience today is a product of the subordination of everything to the market, not to traditionalism.

In so many ways The Handmaid’s Tale is less a dystopian nightmare about Trump’s America than a comforting fiction that progressives tell ourselves, that we’re still fighting the simple battles of the past. Even the Reagan and Thatcher era despite its much more militant conservative rhetoric than anything found in the Trump administration, succeeded only in bringing about more market liberalism in which cultural liberalism continued to flourish.
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2 days ago by jstenner
The Al Capone theory of sexual harassment – hypatia dot ca
We noticed a similar pattern in reports of sexual harassment and assault: often people who engage in sexually predatory behavior also faked expense reports, plagiarized writing, or stole credit for other people’s work. Just three examples: Mark Hurd, the former CEO of HP, was accused of sexual harassment by a contractor, but resigned for falsifying expense reports to cover up the contractor’s unnecessary presence on his business trips.
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2 days ago by kadymae

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