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The Education of a Cavalier - Akallabeth - The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison [Archive of Our Own]
Csethiro Ceredin was independent-minded from a very young age.

And she has a few problems with her governesses' curriculum.
fic  f:GoblinEmperor  gen  pre-canon  short  femalecharacters  yuletide  'ao3 
february 2019 by esther_a
Shovels go to the best ditch-diggers. - Feather (lalaietha) - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
But it's Eva who asks, in the oblique-casual tone that knows damn well it's fooling nobody but is going to keep the act up anyway, because that sends its own message, "Are you aware of what Captain Rogers is doing?"

Maria looks at her and then closes her eyes. Takes a deep breath. And says, "Jesus Christ that's the most terrifying fucking question I've been asked in years."
fic  id:Recessional  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  gen  femalecharacters  'ao3  f:MCU 
august 2017 by esther_a
An Oblique Approach - Gray Cardinal (Gray_Cardinal) - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh, Tony. Trust me, the very last thing I want to do is go out and shoot fire at things with stupid numbers of people watching. Also, I’m pretty sure ‘Human Torch’ is trademarked already.”

Tony sighed theatrically. “I get it,” he said. “But trust me, you don’t know what you’re missing.”
fic  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  s:IronMan  gen  s:Tony/Pepper  'ao3  femalecharacters  id:GrayCardinal  f:MCU 
july 2017 by esther_a
Certain Powers - KL_Morgan - Labyrinth (1986) [Archive of Our Own]
Strange things happened around Sarah Williams.

A lot of it (she would argue as she was forcibly escorted from the room) could be chalked up to coincidence. After all, you couldn't really argue whose fault it was that the girls who spray-painted SLUT on her locker door senior year all came down with the same, really gross eye disease two days later. It wasn't like she had petrie dishes of virulent bacteria stashed in there, and the guy from the CDC had backed her up on that one.
fic  het  short  humor  FemaleCharacters  f:Labyrinth  s:Jareth/Sarah  'ao3 
may 2017 by esther_a
Firefly Bright - Poemsingreenink - The Magnificent Seven (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Emma thinks about desire, her new life and how much she does not want to have an uncomfortable conversation with Billy and Goodnight, but damn it someone has to kick it off.
fic  f:Magnificent7(2016)  gen  slash  s:Goodnight/Billy  femalecharacters  'ao3  WIP 
november 2016 by esther_a
A Room With a View by hollimichele {Temeraire - gen}
(5,500 words) Post-Victory of Eagles. "Perscitia learned a great many things, after the invasion."

|| In which Perscitia is smart and dogged and learning every day despite it all, and also she and wellington are delightful
fic  f:temeraire  gen  good  characterstudy  femalecharacters  via:silviakundera 
november 2016 by nonplussed
Night Shift - Aussie_Muggle - Person of Interest (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
After her demotion, Carter struggles with the night shift schedule. Her friends help.
fic  f:PersonOfInterest  gen  short  femalecharacters  'ao3 
november 2015 by esther_a
Team Building - maple_clef - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
"The coach-house attic has a studio skylight at one end, an ottoman couch, a chaise longue, a plasma TV and an Ikea kitchen table that once took me and Molly three bloody hours to assemble." -- Moon Over Soho, Ben Aaronovitch

Molly and Peter join forces to tackle a recalcitrant IKEA table, and find that friendship really can be born out of shared adversity.
fic  f:RiversOfLondon  gen  short  'ao3  femalecharacters 
may 2015 by esther_a
Crazy Cat Lady - Aishuu - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Yet another origin story for Catwoman. Blame it on the lack of universal health care.
fic  id:aishuu  f:Batman  comics-verse  gen  femalecharacters  short  'ao3  humor  f:DC 
may 2015 by esther_a
Skirmish; A Parley Sounded - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup) - Fast & Furious (2009), Fast and the Furious Series [Archive of Our Own]
It wouldn't be the same without Dom. But the world hadn't stood still last time, either. Time to go home, and see what the family had been up to while she was gone.
fic  id:JediButtercup  f:FastAndTheFurious  short  'ao3  femalecharacters 
april 2015 by esther_a
The Pit Stop - fartherfaster - Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Darcy's still learning the language, Betty's still jetlagged, and Jane's still too distracted to be the one driving. They make a pit stop.

[Roadtrips for SCIENCE!]
fic  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  gen  femalecharacters  short  'ao3  movie-verse  f:MCU 
april 2015 by esther_a
to cleaning up our own damn messes - shieldivarius - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Anyone who didn’t think the best thing about Stark Industries was its CEO was a raging, unrepentant misogynist, end of story.

They were privatizing global security. That took more than a handful of people.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  gen  femalecharacters  fixit  short  'ao3  movie-verse  f:MCU 
march 2015 by esther_a

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