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Women and Children First: Repatriating the Westerners Affiliated with ISIS | Crisis Group
Amid this matrix of political and policy considerations, the governments of the UK, France and Germany have steadfastly rejected the repatriation of all men and women, with some variation on children: both France and Germany have repatriated some orphans, and a small number of non-orphans, though the UK, which only just recently learned it had orphans in Syria, has to date not taken back any children at all.
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In “One Child Nation,” Nanfu Wang Confronts China’s History, and Her Own | The New Yorker

What her daughter wanted was to dig deeper into her newfound sense of the injustice that was permeating her world, hinging on class and gender. “If the health-care system hadn’t been unjust, my father wouldn’t have died—we didn’t have money and couldn’t afford to send him to a hospital,” Wang said. “Because I was a girl and I wasn’t able to go to high school, I was discriminated against, and it was difficult to find a job.” She wanted to find ways to expose injustice wherever it existed and was disappointed with the state of journalism in China. So she applied to fourteen state universities in the U.S., and was offered a full scholarship by the master’s program in media studies at Ohio University.

Michael Moore’s “Sicko” and “Roger and Me” revealed to her that movies could be at once “political and entertaining”; Alan Berliner’s “Nobody’s Business” showed that documentaries could make the stuff of ordinary life into compelling and universal art. “I didn’t know any of this existed,” she said. “And I was, like, O.K., this is what I want to do.”

Wang said that she tried to make a Chinese version of “Hooligan Sparrow,” but the Chinese vocabulary for human rights felt uncomfortable. “In China, words like ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ are given negative undertones,” she said. “I realized that I couldn’t tell this story in Chinese. I know what the translations are, and I know the expressions. But it feels embarrassing and unnatural. I almost feel as if I don’t dare to say these words.”

“In middle school, in Fengcheng, everyone else was an only child,” she said. “I felt poor and backward and uneducated and ashamed—those were the labels that were put on people.”

Wang is close with her brother, who works in Beijing as a programmer for Amazon (which is also, coincidentally, the distributor of “One Child Nation”).

She edited “One Child Nation” in her old apartment in Crown Heights, in between Jamie’s naps and feedings, and her iMac shared a desk with her breast pump.

She turns thirty-four in December and no longer expects to die this year. But she says that the urge to live a bigger, hungrier life—as if to make up for the time she expected to lose—has stayed with her. “It’s not about extending my life expectancy, the length, but expanding the width of my life,” she said. “Every time I make a film, the film also makes me.”
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RT : Terrific atmosphere in TechQuartier in Frankfurt today, listening to 6 brilliant pitches from foun…
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20 Years Later, and the Women of Angel Still Deserves More | TV Guide
With the deaths of Darla, Cordelia, and Fred, Angel says that a woman is a person until she gets pregnant, and that's the end of her story. I wish that, at least once, they had turned the page and kept going.
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War by other means - Synaps
On the contrary, Russia and Iran look to recoup their expenditure in Syria by appropriating growing shares of its remaining assets, in a process that amounts to mortgaging the country’s economic future. Most striking is Russia’s deepening influence over Syria’s oil, gas, and phosphate resources.
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The Development of Children's Gender‐Science Stereotypes: A Meta‐analysis of 5 Decades of U.S. Draw‐A‐Scientist Studies - Miller - 2018 - Child Development - Wiley Online Library
This meta‐analysis, spanning 5 decades of Draw‐A‐Scientist studies, examined U.S. children's gender‐science stereotypes linking science with men. These stereotypes should have weakened over time because women's representation in science has risen substantially in the United States, and mass media increasingly depict female scientists.
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Kids now sketch more women when asked to 'draw a scientist' - Futurity
When drawing scientists, US children now depict women more often than ever, an analysis of five decades of “Draw-A-Scientist” studies conducted since the 1960s shows.
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