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Rewrite the Stars
Future fem!Harry/Stephen Strange

At the end of second year, Harry runs into a man who thinks she's his sister "Rebecca." Turns out, Bucky Barnes just recognized his sister's granddaughter ... who is her spitting image.
fanfic  chaptered  wip  het  gen  xover  crossover  avengers  marvel  harry/strange  fem!harry  08/10 
9 days ago by excentryke
The Lady and the British Government
Mycroft Holmes first met Lorelai Potter-Black, when she was receiving the Victoria Cross for her services to the UK. He became quickly aware that she would make the perfect wife for his purposes. After surviving the War, Lorelai just wanted a normal life. Can she find love with the perfectly proper Mycroft Holmes? AU/ FEMHARRY. HP/MH,
fanfic  chaptered  wip  het  crossover  xover  series:bbcsherlock  harrypotterseries  fem!harry  harry/mycroft  07/10 
13 days ago by excentryke
In the Gutters, Looking at Stars
After the war, the Wizarding World decides they want to punish (Fem)Harry for what she did. Along with Teddy, she disappears into Muggle London and waits for help.

Then, she meets Sherlock.

fanfic  chaptered  complete  het  xover  crossover  series:bbcsherlock  harrypotterseries  harry/sherlock  fem!harry  06/10 
13 days ago by excentryke
The Northern Wolf, a Southern Doe
Helaine Baratheon grew up in the hands of wet nurses, with a mother who despised her and a father who payed more attention to his drink than he did his family. She grew with the weight of a crown on her head, magic in her veins, and memories of another life in her dreams.
fanfic  chaptered  wip  het  fem!harry  xover  crossover  gameofthrones  harrypotterseries  harry/other  07/10 
27 days ago by excentryke
Big City
He knew from the moment he’d laid eyes on her that Harry was far too good for him. Charming and clever and kind-hearted, with a quiet, knowing smile and hair as breathtaking as Pepper’s with a fashion sense to match, she was exactly his type. Impressively put together, independent and smart and amazing— and absolutely, unequivocally way too good for him.
fanfic  oneshot  complete  het  xover  crossover  fem!harry  timetravel  harry/tony  harrypotterseries  avengers  marvel  ironman  06/10 
27 days ago by excentryke
How to Court Your Soulmate When Your Counterpart Killed Her Parents: By Tom Riddle
Finding your soulmate is the only true way to gain immortality without sacrificing your magic and sanity. Tom, since childhood, has sought far and wide for his other half, the key to his eternity, and finds her sitting in Muggle London casually drinking tea. He, of course, is a catch, so no sane individual - let alone his soulmate - would deny bonding with him for shared immortality. Which is why he’s rather put off when she says ‘no’ to his demands of courtship.
fanfic  oneshot  complete  het  fem!harry  timetravel  harry/voldemort  harrypotterseries  08/10 
27 days ago by excentryke
Rhaegar Targaryen meets a woman with hair of fire and a face of lightning, and the whole future of Westeros shakes.
fanfic  chaptered  complete  het  xover  crossover  fem!harry  gameofthrones  harrypotterseries  harry/other  07/10 
27 days ago by excentryke
Ice Queen
Hariel Potter lands in Westeros after stepping through the veil. According to Potter luck, she arrives in the icy world beyond the Wall.

fanfic  chaptered  wip  het  xover  crossover  gameofthrones  harrypotterseries  fem!harry  harry/other  07/10 
29 days ago by excentryke
Cirrus Cloud by silenceia @FF.net
In which you are Acacia Potter who becomes Skull de Mort and makes tons of awesome friends along the way. Almost completely angst-free, isn't that great? 2nd person POV, fem!Harry-is-Skull Chapters: 12 - Words: 35,930 - Updated: Jul 11, 2017

Also located: https://archiveofourown.org/works/8977033?view_full_work=true

[Note to readers: A bit OOC on Potter-front, but still a mostly hilarious read. Also, it is a WIP & might stay that way - still worth reading for the humor.]
archive:FF.net  archive:AO3.org  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:KHR  NoShip  fanfic  AU  EWE?  GenderBender  Fem!Harry  Skull!Harry  Other_Occupations  First_Meetings  Secret_Identity  pranks  Secret_Revealed  humor  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:35.000+ 
december 2018 by shibela
The Captain's Witch
Post CACW. AU. Fem!Harry/Steve Rogers. "You told me to have fun!" "Yes, but not to get pregnant!" After Charlotte Louise Potter suffers a metal breakdown that causes her to loose her prestigious Auror position she doesn't know what to do. The people around her urge her to take a day off. Two days and several drinks later Charlotte finds herself in Captain America's bed. Slight OOC.
fanfic  xover  crossover  harrypotterseries  avengers  harry/steverogers  girl!harry  fem!harry  het  chaptered  complete  TBR 
august 2018 by excentryke
After a life of war and adventure, all she wanted to do was live a fairly quiet existence running her little café and avoid inquiries on future children from Mrs. Weasley. She didn't expect Tony Stark to wander his way into her life and decide to never leave. FEM!Harry/Tony Stark

fanfic  xover  crossover  ironman  avengers  harrypotterseries  fem!harry  girl!harry  chaptered  abandoned  het  harry/tony  09/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
Anastasia Potter was thought to be a squib after an accident in her second year, so her parents pulled her from Hogwarts. She left as soon as she could to America, the curious gold rune that marked her as a soul mate of one of the gods the only thing giving her true hope. This is the story of when they meet. Fem Harry, WBL. Unlikeable Potters and Dumbledore.
fanfic  xover  avengers  thor  harrypotterseries  crossover  chaptered  complete  fem!harry  girl!harry  harry/loki  het  07/10  TBR 
august 2018 by excentryke
My Safe Haven
Death's Mistress has asked him to bring her someone who could help her in her current endeavors. Who better than her Soulmate?
fanfic  xover  crossover  harrypotterseries  thor  het  harry/loki  fem!harry  chaptered  wip  08/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
Soul Bond
Seeking freedom from a war and unreasonable expectations and deciding to follow an old childhood dream leads Eve Potter to New York and finding her soul mate and a chance of love and some surprise discoveries. Steve has just woken from the ice, and this witch has just made the 21st century far more appealing. Soul marks, female Harry. Some time travel.
fanfic  chaptered  wip  xover  crossover  avengers  harrypotterseries  het  fem!harry  harry/steverogers  08/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
The Observer Effect
After Tony Stark outs himself as Iron Man on live television, he acquires a magical stalker in the form of a bored (female) Harry Potter, who has emerged from the Veil of Death in a world without wizards. A cat-and-mouse game ensues when Stark's curiosity drives him to ever-increasing lengths to capture his invisible benefactor, who struggles with maintaining her distance.
fanfic  xover  crossover  het  harrypotterseries  ironman  harry/tony  fem!harry  girl!harry  chaptered  abandoned  07/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
saltkin Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Little Harriet Potter is a quiet and clever young girl with nothing she cares to live for, but no real reason to die. So when the voice in her head asks her to assist him in regaining his body, it seems like reason enough to remain among the living, at least for a little while longer. fem!Harry/Voldemort, eventual Nercomancer!Harry, dark themes
fandom:harry.potter  genre:drama  genre:romance  ch:harry.potter  ch:tom.riddle  ch:voldemort  wc:20-50k  HP/LV  fem!harry  dark 
april 2018 by HomeYak
Find me a Find, Catch me a Catch
COMPLETE. Ever since Voldemort's near-defeat three years past, Hazel Potter's health has been in steady decline. After much searching she finally discovers a possible cure. It's … unexpected to say the least. Meanwhile Lucius Malfoy, three years widowed, is searching for a solution to his own problems. Mayhap they can help one another. (Fem!Harry/Lucius, arranged marriage, TWOSHOT)
fanfic  twoshot  complete  series:harrypotter  harry/lucius  fem!harry  het  crossgen  09/10 
march 2017 by excentryke
Dauntless by Tsume Yuki @FF.net
Seq. to 'Valiant.'

Hariel Potter and Bucky Barnes have been travelling together for nearly a year now, and between dodging the remains of HYDRA, attempting to find lost memories and trying to figure out just what they are to each other, there's never a dull moment. Especially when they end up playing hero along the way. FemHarryxBucky, Sequel to Valiant (Some smut)

2ch. -- 18,357wds. Updated: 12/17/2015
archive:FF.net  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:Avengers(Marvel)  fandom:Capt.America  Bucky/HarryP.  fanfic  AU  Het  Fem!Harry  GenderBender  OtherDimension  sleep/nap-time  Cuddling/Snuggling  First_Meetings  Protective!Bucky  road-trip  Camping  Other_Occupations  Healing  Holiday:Christmas  Birthday_Celebration  Pictures/Camera  smut  s:Valiant  WIP!  HaveRead  wds:15.000+ 
february 2017 by shibela
Valiant by Tsume Yuki @FF.net
When Loki's Staff spat out a girl with a lightning bolt scar, HYDRA were not expecting things to go downhill so fast. They certainly weren't expecting their new unknown to run off with the Winter Soldier. FemHarry ***Feels a little unfinished, but is at a somewhat good stopping point.*** 1ch. -- 21,103wds. Updated: 06/14/2016
archive:FF.net  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  fandom:Avengers(Marvel)  fandom:Capt.America  Bucky/HarryP.  fanfic  AU  Fem!Harry  GenderBender  kidnap  Magical/Cursed_Artifact  Imprisoned/Held_Captive  MemoryLoss  PTSD  Legilimency  Recovery/Healing  Touch!issues  s:Valiant  oneshot  completed!  HaveRead  wds:20.000+ 
january 2017 by shibela

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