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Learning the ‘Science of Feelings’: Religious Training in Eastern Christian Monasticism: Ethnos: Vol 77, No 2

In Eastern Christianity novitiate is a period of learning to experience the presence of God in one's life and the world. Novices follow the hesychast prayer, a mystical tradition that leads them to an experiential knowledge of God. In this paper, I argue that novitiate should be regarded as a complex learning process involving specific assemblages of contextual, cognitive, body-sensory and emotional aspects. By educating their attention and emotion novices learn to see beyond and within reality and thus discover the potentiality of people and things ‘in the likeness of God’. Religious transmission happens not only through embodied practice and the active acquisition of religious knowledge but, more importantly, through the work of the imagination. Novices' orientation towards the transcendent requires an expansion of the imaginative capacities beyond their ‘routine’ functioning. Imagination could be thus seen as a key cognitive capacity through which they learn to experience God.
religion  feelings  emotion  training 
6 weeks ago by pierredv
Closer - omg_wtf_yeah - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
John and Rodney are trapped in an Ancient time dilation field. Luckily, it's on a beautiful beach.
post.canon  timedilation  f:sga  p:rodney/john  feelings  rating:nc-17  stranded  l:offworld  words:10k-15k 
8 weeks ago by miss_speller
orchids and dandelions: what kind of feeler are you?
"There are various ways to find out if you are a dandelion or an orchid (also known as a highly sensitive person (HSP) or a “super-feeler”)"
psychology  feelings  emotions 
9 weeks ago by pierredv
Do You Know What I Know? - DevilDoll - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Two of my favorite things: drunk!John, and I-didn't-know-we-were-dating!Rodney. Pure self-indulgence. Merry Christmas to me!
f:sga  p:rodney/john  misunderstandings  feelings  fluff  est  drunk!fic  l:atlantis  confession 
11 weeks ago by miss_speller
Happy - crysothemis - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
"Wait," John said, because this had to be a joke, didn't it? "You know Ronon, but you don't know me? What the hell did that thing do to you?"
memory-loss  f:sga  p:rodney/john  misunderstandings  rating:nc-17  feelings  l:atlantis  ancienttech 
12 weeks ago by miss_speller
War Bride - Speranza - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
"Rodney's my desert island guy," he says finally, because it's the simplest, truest thing he can say: if there's one person he gets to keep with him, he chooses McKay. It's as simple as that.
est  l:earth  future!fic  family!fic  p:rodney/john  f:sga  backstory  feelings 
12 weeks ago by miss_speller
Three Times John Used His Words - Brumeier - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
John doesn't always choose the best times to confess his feelings, but it always seems to work out in the end.
humor  canon  feelings  p:rodney/john  f:sga 
may 2019 by miss_speller
The nature of feelings: evolutionary and neurobiological origins | Nature Reviews Neuroscience
Antonio Damasio & Gil B. Carvalho
Nature Reviews Neuroscience volume 14, pages 143–152 (2013)


Feelings are mental experiences of body states. They signify physiological need (for example, hunger), tissue injury (for example, pain), optimal function (for example, well-being), threats to the organism (for example, fear or anger) or specific social interactions (for example, compassion, gratitude or love). Feelings constitute a crucial component of the mechanisms of life regulation, from simple to complex. Their neural substrates can be found at all levels of the nervous system, from individual neurons to subcortical nuclei and cortical regions.
feelings  neuroscience  emotion  Damasio 
may 2019 by pierredv

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