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What it's like to feel famous | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
Over the past ten years, I’ve written about my ups and downs during my “second career.” I’ve covered just about every possible emotional perspective … anger, disappointment, fear, wonder, and joy, to name a few.
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11 weeks ago by marshallk
PaperLike Screen Protector: write and draw on your iPad like on paper
PaperLike is the first screen protector that makes writing and drawing on the iPad feel like on paper. Finally the plastic on glass slipping around has an easy fix: Your iPad, the Apple Pencil and the PaperLike - made for each other. Free shipping, 1000s of happy customers and a 4.5 star rating. Get yours today!
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february 2019 by roggedoggelito
@line25blog : 25 Creative Website Templates with Smart and Eye-Catching Designs: https://t.co/ocujnDfsVe (via Twitter http://twitter.com/line25blog/status/1089750505214087168)
Twitter  design  modo  web-design  layout  create  creative  web  look  feel  how  how-to  howto  inspiration  webdev  graphic  graphics  UI  UX  user  interface  user-interface  Twitt 
january 2019 by dcolanduno

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