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History of the Capital AI & Market Failures in the Attention Economy
Capitalism as an AI with an objective function of maximizing capital. Structural incentives drive behavior. Feedback loops, system thinking, distributed systems engineering, game theory as disciplines to use in analyzing and addressing the issues.

Practical recommendations;
(1) Strict rules for public political discourse, moderated by bipartisan arbiters.
(2) Peg salaries of institutional leaders to the median income.
(3) Adopt OKRs in public institutions.
(4) Take party polarization as a given, and design for cooperation around it.
(5) Set boundary parameters around economic growth and disparity.
(6) Surgeon General’s Warning for Media.
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may 2019 by drmeme
are something we talk a lot about , and hope to "enable" for others.

It's a mindset: "How…
Feedbackloops  from twitter
december 2018 by pavsaund
Applause Button
I've been thinking a lot about what happens "post like". Maybe everyone just gets a Medium-style applause button?
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november 2018 by shellen
LOOPY: a tool for thinking in systems
"In a world filled with ever-more-complex technological, sociological, ecological, political & economic systems... a tool to make interactive simulations may not be that much help. But it can certainly try.

play with simulations
It's the ancient, time-honored way of learning: messing around and seeing what happens. Play with simulations to ask "what if" questions, and get an intuition for how the system works!

programming by drawing
Raw code is too inaccessible. Also drag-and-drop is too mainstream. But with LOOPY, you can model systems by simply drawing circles & arrows, like a wee baby

remix others' simulations
Want to build upon your friends' models? Or challenge your enemies' models? LOOPY lets you have a conversation with simulations! You can go from thinking in systems, to talking in systems.

Like duct tape, you can use LOOPY for all sorts of things:


However you choose to use LOOPY, hopefully it can give you not just the software tools, but also the mental tools to understand the complex systems of the world around us. It's a hot mess out there.

LOOPY is also open source and public domain, meaning it's free for coders, educators, and just about anybody to re-use and re-mix LOOPY as they see fit. (Get the source code on Github!)

LOOPY is made by Nicky Case"

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august 2017 by robertogreco

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