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Conflux - Next Generation Feedback Management
Conflux is an online application that lets you collect feedback, organize it into ideas and communicate those ideas back to your customers so you can collect more feedback.
feedback  management  reqests  voting  features  app  tool 
21 hours ago by dholland
Using Neuroscience to Make Feedback Work and Feel Better
Research shows that using feedback is how organisms — and organizations — stay alive. Here’s how leaders can make the most of the anxiety-producing process.
newswire  feedback 
3 days ago by kejadlen
Fast Poll - Create instant, real-time polls for free!
Fast Poll allows anyone to create a stunning, instant, real-time poll for free.
online  tool  app  resource  poll  tech  afstemning  feedback  pool  pools 
3 days ago by atran
Content handoff tool for UI designers | Visual Inspector Scribble
Introducing Visual Inspector Scribble. 10x Faster Collaboration For Designers & CopyWriters. Still using Word Documents for collaborating website copy? Switch to Scribble - blazing fast content hand off tool for designers.
collaboration  feedback  productivity  sketch  tool  design  copy 
4 days ago by dholland
Why Ratings and Feedback Forms Don’t Work - The Atlantic
Companies and apps constantly ask for ratings, but all that data may just be noise in the system.
feedback  ui  webdev  data  ratings 
5 days ago by mirthe
Fast Poll - Create instant, real-time polls for free!
Fast Poll allows anyone to create a stunning, instant, real-time poll for free.
poll  tool  feedback 
6 days ago by ilijusin
How to Give and Get Better Code Reviews – Hacker Noon
Code review is sometimes the step blocking you from shipping. It may even be the final thing standing between you and the end of your project sprint — the one you’ve been working on for months and…
code  review  feedback  programming 
12 days ago by chaoxian

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