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A New Technique in Marketing Has Intriguing Possibilities for Recruiters | ERE
Horrible from a privacy/tracking perspective, interesting to consider to target students for jobs.
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3 days ago by merit
Referral Recruiting: Duh! | ERE
This is VERY good, very smart take on the problems with software solutions designed to increase employee referrals for recruiting. Note my comments on the prior article about Indeed's survey of social sharing. We're going to be about generating awareness/affinity/interest.

Note also the author's background and bio. Very interesting!
colin  employers  features  recruiting  monster  cision 
12 days ago by merit
Indeed.com Survey: Here’s Why People Don’t Share Your Job Openings on Social Media | ERE
This is quite good: people don't like sharing job postings on social networks! Let's keep that in mind as we go to employers. We're about awareness/affinity/interest, NOT referrals.

Note the link to the Hans Gieskes article, which I'm posting separately.
colin  employers  indeed  features 
12 days ago by merit
Tutorial On Smart Phones (Cellural Phones) and Its Features
The article offers recent developments and the features available on cellular phones. The hardware and software characteristics of the smart phones discussed. Features that are found often in smart phones such as camera, infrared, usb, and wifi connectivity have been discussed. The future trends in the cellular mobile phones and references have been provided.
smart  phones  cellural  phone  features  selection  mobile  interfaces 
22 days ago by anandsoft
The 2014 Enterprise Application Market in Higher Education
Slightly dated, but helpful overview of CMS market share in higher ed.
colin  cms  features  research 
23 days ago by merit
Microsoft and LinkedIn May Have Just Leapfrogged Google for Job Search Supremacy | ERE
Interesting--job searches and resume customizing for them directly in Word.
colin  linkedin  resume  features 
27 days ago by merit

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