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The Movable Feast Machine
Over the last 70 years, ever more powerful computers have revolutionized the world, but their common architectural assumptions—of CPU and RAM, and deterministic program execution—are now all hindrances to continued computational growth.

Many common networking assumptions—such as fixed-width addresses and globally unique node names—are likewise only finitely scalable.

Seriously scalable computing requires a robust spatial computer. Resilience, survivability, and graceful degradation must be inherent not just in the hardware but upwards throughout the computational stack. Low-level communications and naming must be based on relative spatial addressing.

The Movable Feast Machine (MFM) is a robust indefinitely scalable computer architecture we are using to explore such issues.
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december 2018 by cstanhope
It's Christmas Eve Eve dinner. Stuffing, asparagus, mashed rosemary potatoes, turkey.

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december 2018 by rtanglao

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