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A Brief Guide To The House of Finwë (a hobbit's view) by drag0nst0rm
In his defense, Bilbo never thought anyone other than Frodo or Sam was actually going to read the thing.

my note: lolzy, but the writer is a homophobe so will not kudos
bilbo  elrond  feanor  2-5K  gen 
10 days ago by elftrash
A Touch of Treason with your Tea by dragonstorm
Feanor isn't used to being the sensible one.
feanor  bilbo  1-2K 
march 2019 by elftrash
Loopholes and Choices by amyfortuna
Fëanor and his sons come up with the wording of the Oath in a family meeting.

My note: you know when you find yourself muttering 'oh my stupid babies' as you read that you're back on the elftrash smack again
feanor  maedhros  maglor  fingon  dysfunctionalfoundfamily  5-10K 
march 2019 by elftrash
triptych by havisham
Celebrimbor is haunted by his family.
celebrimbor  curufin  feanor  maedhros  1-2K  gen 
february 2019 by elftrash
Seamstress by zopyrus
They won’t meet until the end of the world, but Maglor and Míriel manage to swap stories anyway.
maglor  miriel  feanor  2-5K  gen 
february 2019 by elftrash
And What Happened After by thearrogantemu
“My dear Mr. Baggins, you cannot possibly imagine I have brought you across the boundaries of the sundered world, bending every law of gods and men, over land and over sea and through the fathomless heights, for your health? Well, I did, of course I did, and I’d do it again. But it was not for your own good only that I brought you here. I have been on this world a very long time, Mr. Baggins, and if there is one thing that I have learned about the Wise and the Great, it’s that they benefit from the company of hobbits, and it’s the wisest and greatest who have most need of them."
bilbo  frodo  valar  elrond  70K  gen  rec  feanor  fingolfin  maglor  sam  celebrimbor  fixit 
january 2019 by elftrash
Da capo by lordnelson100
There must have been another way to solve the equation, a different path to other results, he thought.
feanor  gen  1-2K 
january 2019 by elftrash
a fish out of water by isasolan
A very young Angrod struggles to adjust to life in Tirion.
angrod  aegnor  finarfin  feanor  caranthir  15-20K  gen 
december 2018 by elftrash
A Common Enemy by enelya
'What are you doing here?'
Fingolfin blinked – or tried to, rather. Puzzled, he reached up to feel his face, and realised that he could not feel his hand either. There was a faint gleam of starlight where his hand should have been, lines of silver sketching a delicate image in the air, but nothing more. 'Am I dead?' he said to his surroundings.
feanor  fingolfin  2-5K  gen 
december 2018 by elftrash
Bits of Elven Glass by himring
This is an attempt to weave the different accounts of the making and the history of the Elessar into a coherent narrative.
feanor  fingon  maedhros  celebrimbor  galadriel  celebrian  arwen  gen  2-5K 
december 2018 by elftrash
Golden Days by lyra
Nerdanel and Fëanor: a fantasy of manners, pride, prejudice, love and craftsmanship.
feanor  nerdanel  feanor/nerdanel  100-150K  rec  wip 
november 2018 by elftrash
With Many Voices by arrogantemu
"Send me two characters, and I'll write 100 words from a Very Long Conversation between them."

A series of Legendarium drabbles, originally posted to Tumblr. Full list of character prompts in first chapter (Index).

My note: one made me cry. In 200 words. A lovely dagger through my heart.
feanor  finwe  galadriel  elrond  miriel  fingon  maedhros  finarfin  aredhel  celegorm  celebrimbor  gen  2-5K 
november 2018 by elftrash
first meeting by lintamande
“You’ve never sculpted me,” he said one day.
feanor  nerdanel  feanor/nerdanel  2-5K 
november 2018 by elftrash
and everyone lived happily ever after by lintemande
The Noldor and the Valar make better decisions and the history of Arda changes.
fixit  maedhros  fingon  earwen  melian  feanor  elenwe  aredhel  gen  finarfin  au 
november 2018 by elftrash
The Death of Finwe by oshun
Fëanor, summoned out of banishment by the Valar, arrives at the home of Eärwen and Finarfin the day before Manwë’s long to be remembered high feast on Taniquetil. No one knows what to expect from the Valar, but they certainly least of all expected the darkening of Valinor and the death of Finwë.
earwen  finarfin  feanor  gen  2-5K 
november 2018 by elftrash
The Price of Vengeance universe by encairion
In order: The Revolutionary and the Usurper (170k), The Secret Language Brother (27k), The Price of Vengeance (540k), Earendil on the Purchasing of Whores (14k), The Price of Duty (170k), The Vanyar's Rebellion (17K), The Price of Memory (140k), Lost Children of the Sun (61k), The Price of Vengeance II (400k), and Heralds of the Dawn (130k and counting).

My note: hopelessly addictive, surprisingly interesting worldbuilding and race/colonialism work, but also very old school slytherfen (elftrashfen?) in that many Good Guys are now Bad, and vice versa, and everyone is gay, also there's way more incest than I bargained for, and I thought I was in for a ton (why would you make unrelated characters super related to make them bang?), and certain female characters are Shrill/Bad/Mad (but there are redemptive arcs for most of them paying off by now admittedly. STILL. YOU COME AT GALADRIEL YOU BEST NOT MISS). Would I rec this? No. Would I admit to someone who respected me that I'd read it? No. Did I lose a week to this and gasp like a fish on dry land when I ran out of story? I did.


It's like the Saving Connor of elftrash only longer and it drags much less. And instead of everything being child abuse and torture everything is incest.
feanor/fingolfin  fingon/maedhros  eol  lalwen  glorfindel  feanor  finarfin  maeglin  celebrimbor  celebrimbor/sauron  elrond  celebrian  celebrian/elrond  elrohir  elladan  erestor  erestor/lindir  gil-gilad  glorfindel/gil-galad  maglor  maglor/glorfindel  finrod  gildor  elenwe  warnings  1500000+K  finrod/curufin 
november 2018 by elftrash
The Tapestries by dawn felagund
The Tapestries is a multi-chapter novella that does just what Jenni asked: recaps the Noldorin arrival in Middle-earth. However, it does so from the perspective of Fëanáro, looking back at his life from the halls of Mandos. The story deals with the mind-brain problem, the malleability of memory, the issue of historical bias in The Silmarillion, and whether Fëanor was truly insane.
feanor  gen  15-20K 
november 2018 by elftrash

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