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The Trade War and Its Impact on the Location Decision Process - Area Development
How can site selectors survive and also find fresh opportunities in a world where not only tariffs, but also national boundaries and trade barriers, will become more meaningful than they have been in the recent past?
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3 days ago by areadevelopment
The perils of navigating a politically polarised US - fDiIntelligence.com
In an era of increasingly polarised opinions, companies that do business in or with the US are increasingly taking precautions against political or reputational risk. 
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9 days ago by areadevelopment
The 2019 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index® - A.T. Kearney
Investor sentiments reveal a variety of paradoxes in the environment for FDI, many of which can be explained by the rise of the age of multi-localism.
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18 days ago by areadevelopment
How to select the best manufacturing location to serve the US market - fDiIntelligence.com
Supply chain and plant siting decisions are becoming more complex, including as they do US tax and regulatory cuts, the magnitude and uncertainty of president Donald Trump’s tariffs, the rapidly rising wages in China and the plateauing of global trade. Many international companies are wrestling with the question of where they should manufacture products in order to best serve the US market.
FDI  FDI-USA  business-globalization  inward-investment  this-week-463  Around-the-web 
23 days ago by areadevelopment
Attracting, Expanding and Managing FDI in a Disruptive World - Area Development
By smoothing the transition for foreign entities moving operations and resources into the United States and by effectively aligning the needs of industries and resources within a community, an economic development organization can inspire foreign companies to call its local community home.
area-development-features  Matt  economic-development  site-selection  FDI  location-USA 
5 weeks ago by areadevelopment
Global location trends - IBM Institute for Business Value
The international economic landscape is being transformed in the face of changing trade regimes and digital disruption. The former is impacting companies’ capability to leverage global supply chains, while the latter is changing how and where value creation takes place. In light of this, we are witnessing a transformation of corporate activity and economic globalization. These impacts are changing the patterns of global corporate investment activity as well as companies’ decisions to establish and expand operations across different locations.
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6 weeks ago by areadevelopment
RT : attracts a record of AED46.6 billion in the first half of 2019
Dubai  FDI  from twitter
6 weeks ago by John-Dobbin
FDI Surges Ahead in Canada - Area Development
Canada continues to be a premier investment destination and is dedicated to protecting its key industries, investing in innovation, and developing its workforce.
area-development-features  Matt  canada  location-canada  FDI  manufacturing  economic-development  site-selection  workforce 
8 weeks ago by areadevelopment
Wide implications as Germany teeters toward recession - AP News
Germany, Europe’s industrial powerhouse and biggest economy, with companies like Volkswagen, Siemens and BASF, may be entering a recession, according to a gloomy report from the country’s central bank Monday — a development that could have repercussions for the rest of the eurozone and the United States.
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12 weeks ago by areadevelopment

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