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How to Add Captions on Top of Your Video in Final Cut Pro X [Tutorial]
Already have a caption file? Automatically burn captions into your video with this step-by-step tutorial. Perfect for adding permanent subtitles to your videos using FCPX.
fcpx  captions  howto 
22 days ago by garyleatherman
Stabilisation Lockdown Test! FCPX v CrumplePop BetterStabilizer v Coremelt Lock and Load
However, where Lock and Load has an advantage is in its more advanced settings, including allowing you to focus on a Region Of Interest.
4 weeks ago by foliovision
LightLeakLove - 50 Free Plugins for Final Cut Pro X. Free effects, transitions, plugins for FCPX
We're sharing 50 FREE Final Cut Pro X plugins that are pretty darn awesome! This is the ultimate list of free FCPX effects, transitions and plugins!
4 weeks ago by foliovision
Best stabilization for FCPX : Apple Final Cut Pro X
Post production stabilizers often cannot fix highly shaky footage without leaving significant artifacts. IMO it's better to use them with a "light hand" and accept whatever improvement is possible without artifacts. The real answer is stabilize the camera either optically or mechanically during shooting.
5 weeks ago by foliovision
Free FCPX Plugins, Templates, Titles, Transitions, Tutorials & Effects
Free Final Cut Pro X Plugins, Generators, Titles and Tutorials
fcpx  free  editing  video 
9 weeks ago by rsgranne
motionVFX - Original Home of Apple Motion Templates and Final Cut Pro X Plugins
Store for FCPX templates. plugins, & compositing elements. Free downloads.
plugin  editing  fcpx  video 
9 weeks ago by rsgranne
Configure Final Cut Pro X to Output HEVC (H.265) | Larry Jordan
Exporting a 10-second 4K RED clip using 10-bit software mode took 5:28 – roughly thirty-three seconds per project second.
hevc  fcpx 
april 2019 by foliovision
Final Cut Pro X: Create multicam clips in the browser
Final Cut Pro creates a new multicam clip in the event and places duplicates of the selected clips in the new multicam clip.
april 2019 by foliovision

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