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It's Now Up To The Market To Make 3.0 Work | TVNewsCheck.com
did its part on , now it’s up to b’casters “to determine what businesses they want to be in”
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2 days ago by andriak
FCC grants Telesat LEO market access despite ViaSat protests - SpaceNews.com
"Following market approval given to OneWeb in June, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Nov. 3 granted global fleet operator Telesat permission to reach the U.S. with a constellation of 117 low-Earth orbit satellites.
Competitor and partner ViaSat of Carlsbad, California, which operates geostationary satellites and is awaiting FCC approval for a medium-Earth orbit system, had urged the FCC to deny Telesat’s filing, but was largely rebuffed."

"The FCC also granted Space Norway market access Nov. 3 to reach the U.S. with two satellites in non-geostationary elliptical orbits. Both Telesat and ViaSat sought to block Space Norway."

"Telesat plans to select a manufacturer for its constellation next year, and start launching in 2020, leading up to activation in 2021. The full constellation will support broadband communications with several terabits of total capacity."

"The FCC did include conditions on Telesat, such as a need to clarify space debris mitigation as the constellation progresses. . . . OneWeb and Spire both took up space situational awareness issues about Telesat LEO with the FCC. "
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11 days ago by pierredv
47 CFR 25.157 - Consideration of applications for NGSO-like satellite operation. | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute
"This section specifies the procedures for considering license applications for “NGSO-like” satellite operation, except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section."
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24 days ago by pierredv
#FCC weather App
RT : I am so excited to show my Weather app.
Live at: .
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28 days ago by rukku
RT : I am so excited to show my Weather app.
Live at: .
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28 days ago by rukku
Stop the Cap! FCC Chairman Confirms Agency Cannot Revoke Licenses Over News Coverage ·
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s chairman said Tuesday the agency does not have authority to revoke broadcast licenses, despite suggestions from President Donald Trump.
Ajit Pai, a Republican who was named chairman of the telecommunications regulator in January, broke days of silence by rejecting Trump’s tweet that the FCC could challenge the license of NBC after stories Trump declared were not true.
“Under the law, the FCC does not have the authority to revoke a license of a broadcast station based on the content,” Pai said at a forum. “The FCC under my leadership will stand for the First Amendment.”
The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
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4 weeks ago by rgl7194
Former FEC Chair Demands Internet "Disinformation" Crackdown In Major Threat To Free Speech | Zero Hedge
In one of the most reckless and chilling attacks on free speech, the former chair of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Berkeley lecturer Ann Ravel is pushing for a federal crackdown on “disinformation” on the Internet - a term that she conspicuously fails to concretely define. 
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4 weeks ago by Jswindle
The “Battle for The Net” – a Little Twin of Climate Alarmism | Watts Up With That?
I thought that “climate change” was a unique issue in our time where the Left, including the formerly mainstream media, has succeeded to convince the public that black is white and the moon is made of cheese.  No, it isn’t. So-called “net neutrality” is another one.  Both issues are built upon scientific or technical matters, serving as an obstacle for public understanding. 
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4 weeks ago by Jswindle

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