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FCC Proposes Rules to Streamline FM Translator Interference Complaints | May 2018
via Dale hatfield; his commentary:

Based upon my very quick read it:

1. Appears to have been written by the media bureau with out any help from OET (or even EB)
2. Does not address the statistics of propagation – i.e., uncertainties in the calculation of coverage contours
3. Shows little appreciation of the important role of receivers when dealing with adjacent channels
4. Relatedly, does not indicate any knowledge of RIIA
5. The above was probably exacerbated by the fact that there is no indication that more sophisticated techniques were proposed after the original petition
FCC  FM  interference 
15 hours ago by pierredv
Part of FCC order says ‘no’ to mobile industry trade groups, sticks with sharing in 37 GHz band | FierceWireless May 2018
"... the FCC rejected recommendations by CTIA, CCA, 5G Americas and T-Mobile to adopt exclusive area licensing in the 37-37.6 GHz band. Instead, the commission said it’s sticking with its previous plan and finds it’s in the public interest to license a portion of the band on a nonexclusive basis and to license the remainder of the band by geographic area to give potential licensees additional opportunity to access large blocks of spectrum or to use 37 GHz spectrum in combination with, and similarly to, 39 GHz spectrum"

"The plan calls for licensing the lower 37 GHz band as six 100 megahertz channels, which will allow for a sufficient acquisition of spectrum by smaller users while still allowing for aggregation by larger entities, according to the report."
mmWave  FCC  licensing  FierceWireless  37GHz 
2 days ago by pierredv
Senate votes to reinstate Net Neutrality | Tech News | Consequence of Sound
The Republican-headed FCC repealed the laws late last year
The United States Senate voted Wednesday to reinstate 2015 net neutrality laws governing the Internet.
In December, the Republican-headed Federal Communications Commission ended net neutrality on a 3-2 party-line vote. Congressional Democrats subsequently moved to force a floor vote in hopes of blocking the repeal under the Congressional Review Act. Today, a vote was held in the U.S. Senate and 49 Democrats were joined by three Republicans —  Susan Collins, of Maine; John Kennedy, of Louisiana; and Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska — in favor of net neutrality.
net_neutrality  congress  politics  gov2.0  fcc 
4 days ago by rgl7194
The BDAC, 5G and Cities: The Power and Perils of Asymmetry | Benton Foundation Apr 2018
"it is the first FCC to interpret its statutory mandate to say it doesn’t have much legal authority or policy rights to regulate broadcasters, telephone companies, cable companies, or wireless companies. Instead, its principal regulatory mandate is to regulate another set of enterprises: local governments."

" the BDAC and the FCC will likely adopt a framework in which industry gets all the benefits with no obligations and municipalities get all the costs and no guaranteed benefits."
BentonFoundation  Blair-Levin  5G  FCC  BDAC 
20 days ago by pierredv
Petition for Rulemaking: Service Rules for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Command and Control - TheDCOffice.com, Apr 2019
On April 26, 2018 the FCC released a Public Notice (RM-11798, Report No 3089, DOC-350441A1) requesting comments on a petition for rulemaking by Aerospace Industries Association (AIA_8-Feb-18) asking the FCC to adopt service rules for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) command and control in the 5030-5091 MHz band.

AIA notes the FCC advanced this effort with the adoption of an allocation for UAS command and control links in the 5030-5091 MHz band in March 2017 (view prior activity). In its petition, AIA recommendations rule changes under Part 87 (Aviation Services) of FCC rules and asks the FCC to develop technical and operational rules relating to use of the 5030-5091 MHz band to enable secure Control and Non-Payload Communications (CNPC) links to support safe unmanned aircraft operations in the United States.

Comments are requested within 30 days, by May 29, 2018.
TheDCOffice  UAS  CNPC  FCC  rulemaking 
23 days ago by pierredv
House passes commercial space regulatory bill - SpaceNews.com - Apr 2018
"The House of Representatives approved legislation April 24 that would reform commercial remote sensing regulation and create a licensing regime for “non-traditional” commercial space activities."

"The House approved on a voice vote H.R. 2809, the American Space Commerce Free Enterprise Act"

"Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Science Committee,... he claimed, removed uncertainty regarding who would regulate emerging commercial space applications, ranging from satellite servicing to lunar landers, that don’t clearly fall into areas already overseen by the [FAA, FCC and NOAA], which today license launches, satellite communications and commercial remote sensing, respectively. "

"bill gives the Office of Space Commerce within the Department of Commerce the authority to issue “certifications” for space objects not otherwise licensed by the FAA or the FCC"

"reforms commercial remote sensing regulations, moving licensing of those spacecraft from NOAA’s Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs office to the Office of Space Commerce"

"easily cleared the House, its future is less certain. The Senate has been working on its own commercial space bill, led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), chairman of the Senate space subcommittee."
SpaceNews  legislation  space  DoC  NOAA  FAA  FCC 
28 days ago by pierredv

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