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FCC Accuses Stealthy Startup of Launching Rogue Satellites - IEEE Spectrum Mar 2018
"Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had dismissed Swarm’s application for its experimental satellites a month earlier, on safety grounds."

"On Wednesday, the FCC sent Swarm a letter revoking its authorization for a follow-up mission with four more satellites, due to launch next month. A pending application for a large market trial of Swarm’s system with two Fortune 100 companies could also be in jeopardy."

"An unauthorized launch would also call into question the ability of secondary satellite ‘ride-share’ companies and foreign launch providers to comply with U.S. space regulations."

"Swarm would provide solar-powered gateways that would collect data from nearby IoT devices using Bluetooth, LoRa, or Wi-Fi, then beam them up to an orbiting SpaceBee using VHF radio. When the SpaceBee passed over a ground station that was connected to the Internet, it would beam the data down again, and on to its end user."
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7 days ago by pierredv
The FCC says a space startup launched four tiny satellites into orbit without permission - The Verge Mar 2018
Even though both the FCC and FAA can consider space debris during the licensing process, the two agencies do not have full authority over what companies do in space. “At the moment no US entity has oversight over on-orbit activities,” says Weeden. “It’s all done pre-launch licensing.” In fact, this is a good illustration of a strange regulatory gap that’s plagued the space industry: there’s no framework in place for how the government will oversee ambitious commercial missions in orbit.
FCC  FAA  space  Brian-Weeden  orbital-debris  space-debris  TheVerge 
8 days ago by pierredv
The FCC’s Net Neutrality Order Was Just Published, Now the Fight Really Begins | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Today, the FCC’s so-called “Restoring Internet Freedom Order,” which repealed the net neutrality protections the FCC had previously created with the 2015 Open Internet Order, has been officially published. That means the clock has started ticking on all the ways we can fight back.
While the rule is published today, it doesn’t take effect quite yet. ISPs can’t start blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization for a little while. So while we still have the protections of the 2015 Open Internet Order and we finally have a published version of the “Restoring Internet Freedom Order,” it’s time to act.
gov2.0  politics  fcc  net_neutrality  congress  EFF 
11 days ago by rgl7194
Approved Space Station List | Federal Communications Commission
"The list provides the following information for each space station license or U.S. market access grant: the orbital location for a geostationary satellite or identification of the grant as pertaining to a non-geostationary satellite system; space station or system name; call sign; operator name; licensing administration; frequencies; a link to where polarization, coverage, and orbital debris mitigation information can be found; launch date of the space station; and whether the space station has been granted U.S. market access. It also includes links to relevant information concerning certain Federal space stations authorized by the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA), as well as space stations authorized as points of communications for Earth Stations Aboard Aircraft (ESAA)."
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14 days ago by pierredv
FCC’s Mobility Fund II will primarily benefit western half of U.S. | FierceWireless
Government subsidies are meant to increase broadband to consumers. This could mean that markets that have been dominated by cable providers could begin to see competition from telco providers.
18 days ago by nispe005

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