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RT : The couldn’t figure out how did what he did
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8 days ago by dariocc
RT : worked to bust activist John Trudell on a bogus assault charge - and ignored the arson that killed his family…
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9 days ago by judgeworks
RT : Explore over a 100 years of American surveillance with our Subjects Matter File project:…
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GSA cancels search for new FBI headquarters - Washington Business Journal
In a stunning blow to Greater Washington, the nation's top law enforcement agency will have to stay put in its deteriorating downtown D.C. headquarters for the foreseeable future.
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12 days ago by areadevelopment
FBI crime data explorer
The Crime Data Explorer makes nationwide crime data accessible to a wide range of users. View trends, download bulk datasets, and access the Crime Data API for reported crime at the national, state, and agency levels.
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13 days ago by tarakc02
"Are you now, or have you ever, been a member of the ?" The 's files on
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