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Alex Knepper posted this survey — see below for... - John Althouse Cohen
"I've listed several domestic policy issues below. Copy-paste the list and indicate your general position on the matter (liberal, conservative, centrist, libertarian, etc)."

My response:

Abortion: should be legal and not more heavily regulated than ordinary medical procedures

Affirmative Action: should be deemed unconstitutional in the education/admissions context; I'm more open-minded about it in the job hiring context

Climate Change: in favor of attempting to address it in an efficient manner

Death Penalty: my views are too complex to summarize in this space

Deficit Spending: in favor of fiscal responsibility, against profligate taxing of future generations

Drug Policy: for legalization and heavy regulation

Economic Regulation: prefer allowing markets to work, with light regulation to the extent it's justified to correct market failures, e.g. taxing negative externalities

Education: in favor of vouchers and other such policies to encourage competition; generally against teacher/professor tenure

Entitlement Reform: too vague to answer

Gun Control: no strong ideological stance

Health Care: would prefer either single-payer or a radical libertarian system, rather than Obamacare or the status quo ante

Immigration: in favor of Gary Becker's proposal to offer citizenship to anyone (and their families) who'll pay the US a fixed amount, e.g. $50,000, on an installment plan, with any conditions and exemptions needed to make this policy viable

Judicial Affairs: judges should balance their legal duty to faithfully interpret and apply legislative and constitutional texts with the importance of making sensible decisions in the modern-day real world

"Law and Order": in favor of vigorous enforcement of laws against violent crimes, with all appropriate legal protections including due process and other rights of the accused

Religion In the Public Square: people can do whatever they want in public areas; just don't take my tax dollars to promote religion

Same-Sex Marriage: is urgently, morally, and constitutionally necessary, which should not be subject to the will of the majority

Taxes: should be raised in the US for conservative reasons

Welfare: in favor of limited welfare, crafted as intelligently as possible to minimize disincentives to work
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3 days ago by jaltcoh
US digital video ad projections, 2018-2028
These types of long-term industry forecasts are almost always wrong, but can help establish a baseline expectation for growth and a framework for how growth is likely to differ from the forecast. In this case, the most likely 'hows' are a significant shift in time spent with Facebook to video, and accelerated adoption of internet connected TV devices, as these allow much greater consumption of alternative content around the core linear bundle.
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3 days ago by shrinkingbundle
It’s both funny and terrifying that Facebook didn’t realise its ad system would be cheated
The team tackling misinformation at – and restoring trust in – the world’s largest and most lucrative social network never stopped to consider the possibility that someone might put fake information on their network. They’ve now delayed introducing the new system while they have a rethink.
7 days ago by libbymiller
The Time Capsule That's as Big as Human History | GQ
The first "bottom-up" history of the world resides in an Austrian salt mine. "It's a global project — and its history is written by everyone"
10 days ago by jubois
Richard Stallman: Talking to the Mailman. New Left Review 113, September-October 2018.
Richard Stallman: Talking to the Mailman. New Left Review 113, September-October 2018.
15 days ago by jubois

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