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Donald Trump in Iowa proposes immigration law that already exists
[D'oh!] Donald Trump in Iowa proposes immigration law that already exists
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2 days ago by waynewilliamberninger
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2 days ago by nullrend
The Holo app is a tease of what's to come with AR on the iPhone - The Verge
The most exciting thing about Apple’s recent announcement of iOS 11 at WWDC, to me, was ARKit. The idea that augmented reality is going to be baked into the mobile operating system means all sorts of weird stuff is on the way this fall.
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3 days ago by kenyob
Will Congress Cede Its War-Making Authority to Trump? - The Atlantic
[Dear God…] Will Congress Cede Its War-Making Authority to Trump? - The Atlantic
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3 days ago by waynewilliamberninger
A side-by-side comparison of Obamacare and the GOP’s replacement plans - Los Angeles Times
Good summary of the Trumpcare changes - looks like it does not improve access to healthcare for anyone:
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3 days ago by sujal
“how to write like James Comey” - an interesting take on his testimony that isn’t (that) political - love it:
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3 days ago by sujal

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