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IASC: The Hedgehog Review - Volume 20, No. 1 (Spring 2018) - Curate -
The lofty verb "curate" has been adopted eagerly, even anxiously, in a vain attempt to sprinkle fairy dust over something quite ordinary
6 hours ago by jubois
Creative Content For Custom Facebook Video Covers
When creating customized FB cover videos, there’s a lot to keep in mind – and a lot that’s at stake. A well-designed video, with a great concept can help drive up sales for your business, increa...
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2 days ago by ArjunDoto
Bad Astronomy | Whoa, like, Jupiter is DEEP. Really, really deep.
Scientists studying Jupiter using data and observations from the Juno spacecraft just released four new papers on their results, and I honestly can't say what's cooler: the science, or the jaw-dropping images.

The research deals with Jupiter's atmosphere. Jupiter is a gas giant, and when we see it we're not looking at a surface at all, just the tops of its clouds. And even that is complicated, because the clouds are at all different heights. In some spots we see high-altitude clouds (sometimes shiny white due to ammonia ice that's frozen out as the gas rises) and in some spots we see hundreds of kilometers deeper.
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3 days ago by paulgreer
Hearth | Decentralized website publishing
Publish personal websites with the power of IPFS.
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3 days ago by nickwanhere
Textto | Text From Your Computer
interesting fact that different countries use sms differently
sms  android  fb 
3 days ago by nickwanhere
if case you wanna practice your logo design
funny  fb  clients 
3 days ago by nickwanhere
Email yourself. Fast.
email  yourself  fb  ios 
3 days ago by nickwanhere
maybe the land costs most?
architecture  housing  3dprint  fb 
3 days ago by nickwanhere

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