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React hooks: not magic, just arrays – Rudi Yardley – Medium
React hooks: not magic, just arrays I am a huge fan of the new hooks API. However, it has some odd constraints about how you need to use it. Here I present a model for how to think about using the new API for those that are struggling to understand the reasons for those rules.
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See the data flowing through your app (André Staltz) - Full Stack Fest 2016 - YouTube
See the data flowing through your app (André Staltz) - Full Stack Fest 2016 What if instead of building your own mental model of how data flows through your application, you could actually see the data flowing in real-time? In this talk we will explore functional and reactive streams as a building block in JavaScript applications, with tools like RxJS, Cycle.js, xstream, wh
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How To Lengthen Your Life - YouTube
How To Lengthen Your Life The trick to lengthening your life isn't to eat more kale or jog more: it's to lengthen how long time feels, which can be done chiefly by introducing new experiences and routines, and opening your eyes fully to the multiple wonders of existence.Sign up to our new newsletter and get 10% off your firs
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"How to Hack a Painting" by Tyler Hobbs - YouTube
"How to Hack a Painting" by Tyler Hobbs In Hackers and Painters, Paul Graham famously linked coding and the visual arts. In this talk, I'll explain how to do both at once.Through the Processing framework, Clojure, and careful observation, it's possible to simulate watercolor paints and other media. I will walk the audience through the obs
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september 2018 by hoodwink73
You and Your Research
``You and Your Research'' J. F. Kaiser Bell Communications Research 445 South Street Morristown, NJ 07962-1910 jfk@bellcore.com At a seminar in the Bell Communications Research Colloquia Series, Dr. Richard W.
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september 2018 by hoodwink73
elm-paginate: An API Design Post Mortem – Jeff Schomay – Medium
elm-paginate: An API Design Post Mortem TL;DR — I made an Elm library called elm-paginate to encapsulate pagination concerns from the rest of your app. This article talks about some of the considerations and challenges I faced in creating a clean and safe API, and my choices in how I overcame them.
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june 2018 by hoodwink73
Callback Heaven - Andre Staltz - YouTube
Callback Heaven - Andre Staltz Talk recording from Amsterdam JSNation 2018 Conference https://ift.tt/2JF4zPW HeavenProgramming with callbacks has been every JavaScript programmer's struggle since always. "Callback hell" is the reason why we have created Promises, Observables, reactive programming libraries, and other sma
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june 2018 by hoodwink73
Wired Elements
Wired Elements A set of common UI elements with a hand-drawn, sketchy look. These can be used for wireframes, mockups, or just the fun hand-drawn look. Wired Elements are implemented as web components. Web components are awesome!
june 2018 by hoodwink73
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Facebook has a Big Tobacco Problem Facebook’s problems are more than a temporary bad PR issue. Its behavior contributes to a growing negative view of the entire tech industry.
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february 2018 by hoodwink73
The Genetics of Schizophrenia | The New Yorker
Runs in the Family In the winter of 2012, I travelled from New Delhi, where I grew up, to Calcutta to visit my cousin Moni. My father accompanied me as a guide and companion, but he was a sullen and brooding presence, lost in a private anguish.
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february 2018 by hoodwink73
GitHub - zeit/next.js: Framework for server-rendered or statically-exported React apps
zeit/next.js Next.js is a minimalistic framework for server-rendered React applications. Visit learnnextjs.com to get started with Next.js.
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january 2018 by hoodwink73
!!Con 2017: How Merkle Trees Enable the Decentralized Web! by Tara Vancil - YouTube
!!Con 2017: How Merkle Trees Enable the Decentralized Web! by Tara Vancil How Merkle Trees Enable the Decentralized Web! by Tara VancilDecentralized networks operate without relying on a central source of truth, and instead rely on group coordination in order to establish a shared state. Trust is distributed among participants, so to have confidence that each participant
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january 2018 by hoodwink73
Sebastian Markbåge - DOM as a Second-class Citizen at react-europe 2015 - YouTube
Sebastian Markbåge - DOM as a Second-class Citizen at react-europe 2015 React has always been about the Virtual DOM. A nice way to render HTML (and some of SVG and maybe some Web Components). Although there's also react-art, react-three, react-canvas, react-curses... Oh, and react-native! Even if you bottom out at HTML, most of what React does really well is rendering t
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january 2018 by hoodwink73
Michael Jackson - Never Write Another HoC - YouTube
Michael Jackson - Never Write Another HoC Michael Jackson, creator of the React Router library, gives this talk where he says a component with a render prop or children prop as renderer can do anything an HoC (Higher Order Component) can do, and more. Presented at Phoenix ReactJS on September 6, 2017, at Galvanize in downtown Phoenix.
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january 2018 by hoodwink73
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Why semver ranges are literally the worst… The solution to your “it works on my machine” dependency problems. Most likely someone in the world published a breaking change to one of your dependencies. So if you’re like me, you now have to go through all of your 100+ npm dependencies and try to figure out which one it was.
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january 2018 by hoodwink73
Physicist Fotini Markopoulou Left Theoretical Physics to Create Wearable Technology at Doppel
This Physics Pioneer Walked Away from It All Inside the South London offices of Doppel, a wearable technology start-up, sandwiched into a single room on a floor between a Swedish coffee shop and a wig-making studio, CEO and quantum physicist Fotini Markopoulou is debating the best way to describe an off-switch.
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november 2017 by hoodwink73
From Quantum Gravity to Wearable Technology: What Drives Fotini Markopoulou?
Her Second Act: Fotini Markopoulou on Life Beyond Physics If all science is either physics or stamp collecting, as Ernest Rutherford supposedly said, you get the impression that Fotini Markopoulou, 45, would find a way to make both endeavors equally fascinating.
november 2017 by hoodwink73
Keybase: bringing public-key cryptography to mainstream users
Keybase: bringing public-key cryptography to mainstream users Today I’m excited to announce that a16z is leading a $10.8M Series A financing of Keybase, a company that is trying to make the internet more secure by making public-key cryptography accessible to mainstream internet users. I’ll be joining Keybase’s board.
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october 2017 by hoodwink73
The death of the internal combustion engine – The Economist – Medium
The death of the internal combustion engine It had a good run. But the end is in sight for the machine that changed the world“Human inventiveness…has still not found a mechanical process to replace horses as the propulsion for vehicles,” lamented Le Petit Journal, a French newspaper, in December 1893.
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september 2017 by hoodwink73
Legendary Rock Climber Alex Honnold Gets Put Into an MRI, and the Results Are Surprising
The Strange Brain of the World’s Greatest Solo Climber Alex Honnold has his own verb. “To honnold”—usually written as “honnolding”—is to stand in some high, precarious place with your back to the wall, looking straight into the abyss. To face fear, literally.
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august 2017 by hoodwink73

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