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Shuffle Sharding: Massive and Magical Fault Isolation
Shuffle Sharding is a general-purpose technique, and you can also choose to Shuffle Shard across many kinds of resources, including pure in-memory data-structures such as queues, rate-limiters, locks and other contended resources.
fault-tolerance  load-balancing 
8 weeks ago by mpm
resilience4j/resilience4j: Resilience4j is a fault tolerance library designed for Java8 and functional programming
A library that Hystrix points to as a potential successor to allow functional programming with things like Circuit Breakers, Throttling, etc.
java  fault-tolerance 
april 2019 by diathesis
[Baeldung] Getting Started with Java and Zookeeper
Apache ZooKeeper is a distributed coordination service which eases the development of distributed applications. It’s used by projects like Apache Hadoop, HBase and others for different use cases like leader election, configuration management, node coordination, server lease management, etc.

Nodes within ZooKeeper cluster store their data in a shared hierarchal namespace which is similar to a standard file system or a tree data structure.

In this article, we’ll explore how to use Java API of Apache Zookeeper to store, update and delete information stored within ZooKeeper.
@Article  @HOWTO  @Example  DistributedSystem  DataSync  Fault-tolerance  Java  API  Programming  Tutorial  CloudComputing  @Concept 
november 2018 by jslu
[小沙文的博客] Google Chubby 学习: 基本概念
Chubby 是一个面向松耦合分布式系统的锁服务,通常用于为一个由大量小型计算机构成的松耦合分布式系统提供可用的分布式锁服务。一个分布式锁服务的目的是允许它的客户端进程同步彼此的操作,并对当前所处环境的基本状态信息达成一致。针对这个目的,Chubby 提供了粗粒度的分布式锁服务,开发人员不需要使用复杂的同学协议,而是直接调用 Chubby 的锁服务接口即可实现分布式系统中多个进程粗粒度的同步控制,从而保证分布式数据的一致性。 ... Chubby 的客户端接口设计类似于 Unix 文件系统结构,应用程序通过 Chubby 的客户端接口,不仅能够对 Chubby 服务器上的整个文件进行读写操作,还能够添加对文件节点的锁控制,并且能够订阅 Chubby 服务端发出的一系列文件变动的事件通知。
@Article  @Concept  DistributedSystem  DataSync  Fault-tolerance  Scalability  CloudComputing  BigData  Google 
november 2018 by jslu
[Wikipedia] Paxos (computer science)
a family of protocols for solving consensus in a network of unreliable processors. Consensus is the process of agreeing on one result among a group of participants. This problem becomes difficult when the participants or their communication medium may experience failures. ... The Paxos family of protocols includes a spectrum of trade-offs between the number of processors, number of message delays before learning the agreed value, the activity level of individual participants, number of messages sent, and types of failures.
@Wikipedia  @Concept  DistributedSystem  Decision-making  Fault-tolerance  InterpersonalCommunication  DataSync  CloudComputing 
november 2018 by jslu
[FelixZh] Zookeeper的功能以及工作原理
@Article  @Concept  @Example  DistributedSystem  CloudComputing  Fault-tolerance  Scalability  Concurrency  DataSync 
october 2018 by jslu
[技术世界] Kafka
本文介绍了Kafka的创建背景,设计目标,使用消息系统的优势以及目前流行的消息系统对比。并介绍了Kafka的架构,Producer消息路由,Consumer Group以及由其实现的不同消息分发方式,Topic & Partition,最后介绍了Kafka Consumer为何使用pull模式以及Kafka提供的三种delivery guarantee。
@Column  @Concept  DistributedSystem  CloudComputing  BigData  Software  Scalability  Fault-tolerance  DataSync  SystemArchitecture  Java  Tutorial 
september 2018 by jslu
"Hystrix is a latency and fault tolerance library designed to isolate points of access to remote systems, services and 3rd party libraries, stop cascading failure and enable resilience in complex distributed systems where failure is inevitable."
java  libs  distcomp  fault-tolerance  latency  netflix 
august 2018 by arsyed
How network clients need to participate in fault tolerance
Top tips on best practices here:
Colm's thread on shuffle sharding reminded me of how important it is that clients participate in fault tolerance, and how frustrated I get when a client library *doesn't* do this by default in my application. Let's talk about some best practices!

Bottom line: use Hystrix :)
retries  fault-tolerance  networking  tcp  http  exponential-backoff  ip 
august 2018 by jm
[Pluralsight] Introduction to testing with BDD and the Spock Framework
This has been an introduction to the Spock framework and BDD. I hope you can see how readable and accessible is to test with the help of Groovy and this framework.
@Article  @HOWTO  @Concept  @Example  Java  Software  TDD  Framework  Reading  InterpersonalCommunication  Fault-tolerance  Feedback-receiving  Agility  Productivity  HabitRoutineAndPattern  Tutorial  Tip 
august 2018 by jslu
[蘋果日報] 3大心法 買到最適合保單
@Article  @Concept  Insurance  PersonalGrowth  Finance  Fault-tolerance  Risk-taking  HabitRoutineAndPattern  AssetAllocation  Tutorial  Tip 
august 2018 by jslu
MY83 保險網-把保險變簡單
輕鬆掌握保險觀念,立刻獲得 MY83 精選罐頭保單,讓您買對不買貴!
@Site  @Reference  @HOWTO  @Concept  Insurance  Finance  Fault-tolerance  Tutorial 
june 2018 by jslu
[淺談保險觀念] 健保DRG的「幾何平均住院天數」是什麼?
@Article  @Reference  @Example  Health  Insurance  Finance  Fault-tolerance  Risk-taking 
june 2018 by jslu
Finfo 協助你快速搭配保險組合、輕鬆管理保單
@Site  Insurance  Finance  Fault-tolerance 
june 2018 by jslu
GitHub - binhnguyennus/awesome-scalability: An updated and curated list of High Scalability, High Availability, High Stability, High Performance, and High Intelligence Back-end Designs
An updated and curated list of High Scalability, High Availability, High Stability, High Performance, and High Intelligence Back-end Designs. Concepts are explained in the articles of notable engineers and credible references. Case studies are from battle-tested systems serving millions to billions of users
@Project  @Reference  @Concept  Scalability  CloudComputing  DistributedSystem  Fault-tolerance  SystemArchitecture 
may 2018 by jslu

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