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Theory-informed nutrition education curriculum Tools For Feeling Good promotes healthy eating patterns among fifth grade pupils
In a pilot study, using a HAES model helps kids make better food choices. It does not seem to change their self-acceptance or self-image.
fat  children  haes  study  research 
yesterday by moose
Body Positivity Is a Scam - Racked
Do we need a new term for white washing in the connect of fat positivity? Focused on Dove marketing.
culture  fat  advertising 
2 days ago by atelathehun
An Open Letter to Jamie Oliver - Laura Thomas, PhD | Registered Nutritionist | Wellness Advocate
"We are all in agreement that we want the best for children; to enable children to grow up in the best possible health, and to empower everyone to live lives that feel meaningful to them. No one wants to put children’s health at risk. Over-simplified solutions to any health condition or behaviour are never helpful."
weight.stigma  fat  bias  bigotry  food  culture 
6 days ago by moose
Six-pack Abs Diet: Laws of Fat-burning for a Chiseled Physique | Muscle & Fitness
Want to see your six-pack again—or for the first time ever? You'll find all you need to know to get superlean in a dozen simple rules.
Health  diet  fat  ViaEmail 
15 days ago by N1cks
Natural Ways To Block Carbs From Your Diet
How You Can Reduce Carbs From Your Diet and Still Maintain Your Health.
carb  blocker  best  pills  cutting  carbs  fat 
17 days ago by Simon5097

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