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Fatberg in London [video]
> As highlighted by the BBC in their show Inside Out London, Fatberg's are a growing problem in our cities as more and more fat and oils are put into out sewer systems. At Hydro Cleansing we are committed to using the most advanced equipment and techniques such as our Megatron unit combined with a confined space team to remove all grease and fat deposits from drains and sewer's with minimal disruption.
fat  fatberg  london  sewers  waste  wastewater 
8 days ago by jamesmnw
Fatberg: A Man-Made Island Made of FAT [video]
"Is there anything sexier than two artists in love with their giant ball of fat?"
fat  fatberg  art  island 
8 days ago by jamesmnw
"FATBERG is a design research project focused on the construction of a floating island of fat – the FATBERG."
fatberg  fat  art  design  materiality 
8 days ago by jamesmnw
Fatberg - Wikipedia
> A fatberg is a congealed lump in a sewer system formed by the combination of non-biodegradable solid matter such as wet wipes with grease or cooking fat. Fatbergs may also contain other items which do not break down when flushed into a toilet, such as sanitary napkins, cotton buds, needles and condoms, as well as food waste washed down sinks. The resulting lumps of congealed fat can be as strong as concrete, and require specialist equipment to remove.
fat  fatberg  wikipedia  water  wastewater  waste 
8 days ago by jamesmnw
Parenting in the Face of Obesity and Eating Disorders - ConscienHealth
Once again the American Association of Pediatrics shuns talking to children about dieting and instead teaching healthy behaviors and body image.
fat  children  science  research  dieting  eating.disorders 
9 days ago by moose
How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time | Body Recomposition Science Explained - YouTube
Great, simple explanation of recomps. Also great inspiration for simple, informative youtube video
Fitness  Fat  Youtube 
10 days ago by theessentialman
Is the "obesity crisis" just a disguise for a deeper problem? - YouTube
Dr Peter Attia, a surgeon, talks about how obesity isn't simple, how we need to understand that the science is not absolute and how much more research needs to be done, and how doctors need compassion more than passing judgement.

His wake-up call was his own T2DM diagnosis, which came despite him eating and exercising "properly."
fat  medicine  video  psychology  bias  diabetes 
10 days ago by moose
How ‘before and after’ photographs promote unattainable body ideals
It is common for people to view body acceptance as “letting yourself go” or, if you are overweight, as “glorifying obesity”. But the research suggests that actually body acceptance is associated with positive psychological and physical health.
fat  science  psychology  dieting  bodyacceptance 
10 days ago by moose
Why you should stop trying to lose weight - The Washington Post
More fatlogic

"Although weight matters when it comes to health, the true path to wellness may be to not try to lose weight at all."

Concern trolling:
"Actively trying to control weight may be an effective tactic for some people, but for others it can be downright destructive. A 2005 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition noted that about 20 percent of overweight people are successful at long-term weight loss. But what about all of the people who try but fail to lose weight at all or put it right back on?"

"Krieger is a registered dietitian, nutritionist and author..."
11 days ago by ramitsethi
Food Order Has a Significant Impact on Postprandial Glucose and Insulin Levels | Diabetes Care
Pilot (early) study that re-inforces the idea that you need to eat your proteins/fats/fibers before your carbs.
fat  science  diabetes  research  study  diet 
17 days ago by moose
What persons with physical disabilities can teach us about obesity
Both disabled and obese persons experience widespread discrimination as well as insidious societal messages regarding the need fix, cure, rehabilitate, lose weight and/or improve mobility. For both groups of people, their bodies are assumed by others to represent permanent poor health and low quality of life, or in other words, a burden on an already stretched healthcare system.
fat  psychology  science  research  disability 
19 days ago by moose

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