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Most Plus-Size Women Can't Afford Goop's New Collection. Here's Why
Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop has partnered with Universal Standard to create a 5-piece collection in sizes 00-38/40. With plus size women earning less on the dollar because of weight-based workplace discrimination, can they afford the $312-$548 price point?
Virgie  Tovar  Goop  Fat  weight-discrimination  plus-size 
2 days ago by cat_chunks
What We Know About Diet and Weight Loss - The New York Times
After decades of research, all we (still) have is conflicting data and opinions.
dieting  weight  fat  research  article 
5 days ago by moose
Metabolic impact of protein feeding prior to moderate-intensity treadmill exercise in a fasted state: a pilot study | Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition | Full Text
25g casein protein consumed fasted 30 minutes before treadmill cardio exercise at 60% reserve heart rate resulted in more fat burn in 11 young men.

Better than 25g of maltodextrin.

2018 study.
fat  weight  loss  exercise  workout  study 
10 days ago by dandv
Obesity as disease: Metaphysical and ethical considerations - ScienceDirect
Calling obesity a disease promotes stigma and continues to place the issue on the individual, not the population as a whole.
fat  sociology  medicine  ethics 
21 days ago by moose
Build muscle and burn fat │ BTL Emsculpt
New FDA approved electrostimulation device to shock your stomach into fitness...
electrostimulation  weight  loss  muscle  fat  reduction  exercise  medicine  health 
23 days ago by asteroza

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