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RT : That brings us to where Judge Berman Jackson (yes, the same judge as the Roger Stone trial & 5 othe…
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may 2019 by LibrariesVal
RT : Turning to , well, US v Nixon & a case called Judicial Watch v. DOJ (aka ). Betwe…
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Bella Morte by Maygra
If you are trying to place it...maybe six months after the end of Unfinished Business. It really isn't a sequel, it just draws on on UB for backstory.

*** All relationship stuff Dom, Brian, the team etc. Pretty boring.
fastandfurious  brian/dom  maygra  ff1  futurefic  unfinished_business  wordcount:10.000-19.999 
november 2018 by tittakv
Changes by Maygra
There was a sofa on the sidewalk.

Brian eased his car up to the curb and stared at it, recognized it. His sofa, on the sidewalk in front of his house.
fastandfurious  brian/dom  maygra  unfinished_business  wordcount:1.000-1.999  schmoop  ff1  futurefic 
november 2018 by tittakv
Life Sentence, by astolat
Rating: Explicit
Archive Warning: Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Category: M/M
Fandom: Fast and the Furious Series
Relationship: Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto
Character: Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Conner, Luke Hobbs, Letty Ortiz
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Bonding
Series: Part 2 of Fast & Furious works, Part 10 of Astolat Sampler
Published: 2015-05-17
Words: 19123

Summary: “Sit down,” the doctor said. He took blood, three vials filling up dark red. “Any medical conditions?”“No,” Dom said, and then his mouth kept going and said, “What if I want to volunteer for bonding?” The doctor peered at him over the glasses. “Do you want to volunteer for bonding?” It hung in the air. Dom felt it like a noose around his throat, squeezing. Twenty-five to life. “Yeah,” he said.
fanfiction  fastandfurious  soulbond 
november 2018 by tarastarr1
Taking It
Brian was staring up at him wide-eyed, what the fuck are you doing. Dom didn’t know what the fuck he was doing, but whatever it was, he was doing it, so he didn’t let that show on his face.
fastandfurious  slash  nonmonogamy  public_sex  first_time  sizekink  rating:nc-17 
august 2018 by krytella
For the first time since he was twelve goddamn years old and shifted in the middle of a fight at school, Brian relaxes. Once or twice, he even sleeps through the night to the lazy rhythm of his heart beating out, I belong, I belong, I belong. But, well, we all know how that ends, don’t we?
Brian/Han  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  FastandFurious  trope:wereanimal 
july 2018 by sansets
Addicted by Marchling
Brian is drawn not only to Dom, but to the way he feels when he's near Dom. It's going to wreck him and he knows it, but it's too late... he's already addicted.

Set during the first movie, before Race Wars.
fastandfurious  brian/dom  marchling  ff1  first-time  wordcount:2.000-4.999 
may 2018 by tittakv

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