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“This is great news! Here has been my experience using I had been training a deep learning network using Keras with Tensorflow, for diagnosing medical images - and it took me several months of hard work - tweaking parameters, training, and testing to get acceptable levels of accuracy for our models. And then last month, I switched to (their pre-release version) and I was blown away - my models trained faster, and I matched and finally exceeded accuracy levels achieved with my earlier models. And I accomplished what had taken several months in Keras, in just a few days! And the biggest reasons for it were in my view,'s learning rate finder, the differential learning rates, and Test Time augmentation - all which are advanced features built into And the other great thing is that uses the best defaults automatically, and it trains much, much faster than Keras / TF for some reason.
So I can't wait to try the new release out. I think has set a new bar for deep learning frameworks in terms of speed and ease of use. Thank you for all your great work!” sits on top of PyTorch, making it even easier to use.  pytorch 
11 weeks ago by Sylphe
Ten Techniques Learned From
1. Use the library
2. Don’t use one learning rate, use many
3. How to find the right learning rate
4. Cosine annealing
5. Stochastic Gradient Descent with restarts
6. Anthropomorphise your activation functions
7. Transfer learning is hugely effective in NLP
8. Deep learning can challenge ML in tackling structured data
9. A game-winning bundle: building up sizes, dropout and TTA
10. Creativity is key
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august 2018 by drmeme

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