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Everything we know about "Miss Fisher & The Crypt of Tears"
“Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” – the tales of a glamorous sleuth fighting crime in 1920s Melbourne – makes the leap to the big screen. In this highly anticipated original feature-length movie, “The Crypt of Tears” will deliver the usual delights to “Miss Fisher’s” devoted fan base. Read on for details about the upcoming period drama.
We also have news of the “Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries” TV mini-series. The spin-off is set some 35 years after the events of the original series and will explore themes of feminism, equal rights and social injustice in a new decade of Australian history.
What is “The Crypt of Tears” about?
In this big-screen “Miss Fisher” adventure, the exploits of Phryne Fisher in 1920s Melbourne, Australia, lead her to murder, mystery and mayhem from London to British Palestine. The film opens with the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher rescuing Shirin Abbas, a young Bedouin woman, who has been thrown into jail in British Mandated Palestine, for making trouble at a time of colonial unrest.
After a perilous escape from Jerusalem, she rejoins Shirin as a fellow guest in the home of Lord and Lady Lofthouse, for the London ‘season’ and she pledges to help her right a wrong and discover the truth about the Crypt of Tears – an ancient crypt rumoured to lie somewhere beneath the rolling sands of the Negev Desert. And yes, the romantic dance between Jack and Phryne will continue to play out in the plot.
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