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Karen Gillan still turns heads as she shows off her newly-shaved 'do at the polo | Daily Mail Online
An impressive hat is a common accessory for those hoping to court attention at the polo.
But former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan certainly didn't need to rely on a headpiece as she attended the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park Polo Club in Ascot on Saturday.
The 25-year-old still boasted an eye-catching look as she showed off her newly-shaved head at the event.
No hat? No problem! Karen Gillan still turned heads as she showed off her new look at the Audi Polo Challenge in Ascot on Saturday
Karen opted for smokey eye make-up and a strong brow with a slick of lip gloss to leave the majority of the attention on her shaven head.
In terms of her outfit, Karen opted for a black and green tartan minidress with pointed white pumps and a black quilted Chanel handbag.
Karen accessorised with a gold multi-chain necklace and black nail varnish.
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RT : Hemp , foods, skincare products, oil, even hemp tea -- check it out!
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New post (Luxurious / Grey Beanie / Black Coat / Skinny Jeans / White Sneakers HD Pictures 2017-2…
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Coach is bringing its previously ubiquitous logo back to collections and ad campaigns | Glossy
Tapestry (Coach’s newly branded holding company) CEO Victor Luis spent a lot of time on the logo during his call with investors for the company’s first quarter of financial 2018 earnings. He made the argument that the luxury logo has been a driving force in reinvigorating sales in the premium handbag and accessories market, citing the double-digit growth of the $40 billion industry as proof that “brands absolutely still matter.” He said that Coach sales in North America were negatively impacted by a shortage of the logo and laid out plans to bring it back in a relevant way.

At the peak of the logo craze in the 2000s, logo-bearing Coach products accounted for 70 percent of all handbags and accessories inventory, a massive overreach that resulted in brand dilution. Coach has been working to repair damage from its dip into the mass market, when it flooded outlet stores and less premium department stores with logoed bags made of nylon. The product line that best epitomizes Coach’s pivot back to being a luxury brand is Coach 1941, a line of apparel and leather handbags designed by creative director Stuart Vevers and shown on the runway at New York Fashion Week. During Coach’s ongoing restructuring, there hasn’t been a “C” logo to be found in any Coach advertising campaign, a strategic move to reduce ubiquity.
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Well Built Style
Stay fit and look sharp - men's fashion advice website
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Anouk Wipprecht: Robotic Dresses and Human Interfaces | Hackaday
"My dresses have microcontroller heartbeats and eat batteries for dinner" 's new medium of robotics…
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Should Men Wear Pleats? | The Art of Manliness
A Place for Pleats - Added April 20, 2017 at 08:27AM
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Color analysis - Muted
Your natural coloring is...

well, it's kind of medium! Any color that leans too heavily towards warm or cool, too pale or too dark - any of those can be overpowering and drain you of color.

MUTED or SOFT tones mean that the colors are 'greyed down' and dusky complementing your natural soft coloring. These colors can look dull on others but on you they look RICH, BLENDED and EXPENSIVE.

We are accustomed to the terms Warm, Cool, Light and Deep but because you have elements from all the Color Families, your coloring causes contradictions. Warm hair and eyes with cool skin; cool hair and skin with warm eyes; light hair with dark eyes - whatever your mix, it is this blend of tones that demands the middle ground.
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