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Spacebattles Exposed
Within the Spacebattles staff there is a group, what you’d call a faction that share one thing in common and that is extremist political views. Normally showing such views would result in drama, but due to the nature of power if done right they can subtly push things into place until slightly less taboo views are dominant and once that is done they can ascend right into full blown extremism on the website.
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18 days ago by harcesz
ISD: “Mainstreaming Mussolini” – How the Extreme Right Attempted to ‘Make Italy Great Again’ in the 2018 Italian Election
This briefing paper documents attempts by Italian extreme-right activists to influence the recent Italian elections in their favour. It highlights how these activists are adopting an increasingly international perspective, influencing and being influenced by the international alt-right, and adopting tactics similar to those deployed in recent European elections, including the German election.

The research is based on a combination of social media analysis and six weeks of research inside over a dozen Italian extreme-right encrypted chats and channels on Telegram and Whatsapp. These included neo-fascist and white nationalist Italian language groups such as ’/mas/’, ‘L’eco sansepolcrista’, Sinistra Nazionale’, ‘La Voce del 1919’, ‘Onda Italico’, ‘Fvtvrismo’, ‘Biblioteca Apocrifa’, ‘Magazzino nfografico’, ‘Noi, fascisti’, ‘Casapound Italia Basilicata’ as well as multi-language channels such as ‘Defend Europa News’ and ‘Il Quadrato – Per l’internazionale Rivoluzione Fascismo’.
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september 2019 by dbourn
Matthew Collins on Twitter: "https://t.co/jA2v0hftCH"
Paedophilia is to these guys as anti-semitism was to Jules Soury - the leap of faith that gets you ready to Believe, plus a costly-signalling mechanism to burn your bridges with respectability
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june 2019 by yorksranter
"Why are you so angry?"

Gee...let me think...

1. in White House
2. by
3. corru…
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may 2019 by tolkien

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