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Fintan O’Toole: Trial runs for fascism are in full flow
Babies in cages were no ‘mistake’ by Trump but test-marketing for barbarism
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yesterday by mookieproof
Mean mad white men: the allure of Jordan Peterson | Overland literary journal
To be sure, Peterson is no clownish firebrand in the vein of Yiannopoulos. Rather, he is urbane and respectable, emblematic of what British writer Olivia Laing has called ‘the endless malice of the polite right’. It is this, I think, that goes a long way to explaining the mass appeal of his writings and lectures: ‘just crazy enough’, in Jon Ronson’s phrase, to ensure media interest, but sufficiently intellectual-sounding to attract an audience for whom a brazen bigot like Yiannopoulos would be on the nose. For all those fan-made YouTube clips in which Peterson ‘destroys’ various interlocutors, in interviews he sounds, above all, reasonable. ‘I’m just laying out the empirical evidence,’ Peterson says to Newman at one point during their interview. It’s a rhetorical strategy shared by many stars of the New Atheist and alt-right firmaments: dressing up old-fashioned prejudice as civilised discourse while seeming to disavow ideology altogether.
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yesterday by petej
Facebook's new rules for moderators on dealing with far-right pages are awful
This is a total shitshow. Facebook needs to sort this out, it is not remotely desirable.
Facebook: "We allow to call for the creation of white ethno-states."
In other words, Facebook is officially ok with people calling for ethnic cleansing and genocide.

The time for Facebook to hire/consult with experts re: the far-right was about three or four years ago. That they now *agree* with the rationale of Alt-Reich rebranding in 2018 shows that this company is simply not fit for purpose.

[...] t's quite something that Facebook's advice to their moderators literally mirrors Nazi propaganda: "Being interested in and caring for one’s kind is not to disparage foreign peoples and races"- Nazi party pamphlet "Why the Aryan Law?" (1934)
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5 days ago by jm
3 Sobering Documentaries on Netflix, Fandor and Field of Vision - The New York Times
“Recovery Boys,” “The Pain of Others” and “Dancing With Le Pen”: Opioid addiction, mysterious disease and incipient European fascism in streaming films.
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