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“We Were Content Then, And Young,” by Daniel Shannon for Postlight’s Track Changes
I’ve been told this is a dark reading; I submit that it is also a necessary one. If we go on treating the dank and dangerous subbasements of Internet platforms as though they were negative externalities of the platforms’ construction rather than constituent parts of their foundation, we absolve their creators — and their users — of moral responsibility for their condition. And all the hearings in all the subcommittees in all the parliamentary bodies in all the world won’t fix a problem no one is willing to genuinely own.
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5 days ago by beep
Trumps Krieg gegen die Medien - das Autokraten-Drehbuch
Bewusst oder unbewusst: In der Tat verlaufen die täglichen Angriffe Trumps nach dem klassischen Autokraten-Drehbuch. Trump nutzt offizielle Kanäle, um kritische Medien niederzumachen oder ihnen politisch die Arbeit schwer zu machen. Zugleich propagiert er regierungsnahe Organe wie Fox News und freundliche TV-Lokalsender. Am Ende verlieren die Konsumenten zusehends den Überblick darüber, was Wahrheit ist, was Fake News und was Staatspropaganda.

Link: http://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/donald-trump-will-journalisten-ueberwachen-lassen-das-autokraten-drehbuch-a-1202113.html
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14 days ago by walt74
Orbán’s Hungary is not the future of Europe: it represents a dying past | Cas Mudde | Opinion | The Guardian
Orbán has been in power for eight straight years, during which he first transformed Hungary from a troubled liberal democracy into an illiberal kleptocracy, before taking on the European status quo, and in particular German chancellor Angela Merkel, on a broad variety of issues, but most notably immigration policies.
In short, Orbán’s Hungary is not the future of Europe, it is its declining, nationalist past. It is a country with an ageing and ever decreasing population, turned in on itself, scared of everything outside, and increasingly inside, its borders. Ironically, it mainly survives because of the very future it rejects, ie subsidies by the much-maligned European Union.
by:CasMudde  from:TheGuardian  geo:Hungary  ViktorOrbán  politics  fascism 
14 days ago by owenblacker
The fascist movement that has brought Mussolini back to the mainstream | News | The Guardian
this reminds me of the american alt-right: "CasaPound presented itself as the house of the ideologically homeless too. Iannone said it offered 'a space of liberty, where anyone who has something to say and can’t say it elsewhere will always find political asylum'. It adopted a pose of being not a part of the debate, but the receptacle of it. It reminded some of Mussolini’s line that 'fascism is the church of all the heresies'."

also, kind of odd statement (?): "I’ll be a fascist as long as anti-fascists exist", Iannone says.
fascism  mussolini  italy  nationalism 
15 days ago by tarakc02
Look to Hungary if you want to know what you're fighting against
Liberals in Britain, no matter where they are on the political spectrum, should look very carefully at what is happening in Hungary. It is not enough to say, as Brits often do, that it could not happen here. Many things are currently happening here that we previously insisted never would. Every constituent part of the Orban programme exists here: the anti-semitism, the focus on Soros, the relentless fear-mongering about immigrants, the demonisation of the EU and its institutions, the attacks on Islam, the undermining of an independent judiciary, and, most of all, the widespread conspiracy-squint - the idea, popular on left and right, on almost all matters of political consequence, that shadowy and powerful forces are undermining the people's will.

This is not an attempt to link Orban with Brexiters. Most Brexiters in this country would be appalled by his rhetoric. The more respectable parts of the Brexit programme, such as the ministers in government who campaigned for Vote Leave, would never repeat his slurs and nor would they think them privately.

But let's not pretend that it is just a fringe issue either. Much as the Tory ministers pushing through Brexit would love to disassociate themselves from Farage-orientated Leave.EU, they could not have won the referendum without its support. The demand that we return to an era of borders, the relentless focus on immigration as a social ill and the chiseling away at support for international institutions were all vital to success and a core part of the Leave.EU armoury.
by:IanDunt  from:Politics.co.uk  ViktorOrbán  fascism  Brexit  antisemitism  geo:Hungary  geo:UnitedKingdom  geo:EuropeanUnion  NigelFarage 
15 days ago by owenblacker
Will We Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?
“To me, greatness goes a little deeper than how much marble we put in our hotel lobbies and whether we have a Soviet-style military parade. America at its best is a place where people from a multitude of backgrounds work together to safeguard the rights and enrich the lives of all. That’s the example we have always aspired to set and the model people around the world hunger to see. And no politician, not even one in the Oval Office, should be allowed to tarnish that dream.”
politics  fascism  government  trump  democracy 
16 days ago by alexpriest
20 Lessons from the 20th Century About How to Defend Democracy from Authoritarianism, According to Yale Historian Timothy Snyder
1. Do not obey in advance. Much of the power of authoritarianism is freely given. In times like these, individuals think ahead about what a more repressive government will want, and then start to do it without being asked.
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17 days ago by ahall

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