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Direct from Farms | NIKU Farms
Trust the Meat You Eat. Connecting you directly to your local small-scale farm.
toronto  local  meat  delivery  farmville 
october 2018 by shazow
King IPO guide
Ugly, simple graph about game trends
games  king  candycrush  zynga  farmville  funny 
february 2014 by nelson
Videogames and the Spirit of Capitalism | Molleindustria
"We are only learning to speak of immeasurable qualities through videogames. It’s a slow and collective process of hacking accounting machines into expressive machines. Computer games need to learn from their non-digital counterparts to be loose interfaces between people. A new game aesthetic has to be explored: one that revels in problem-making over problem-solving, that celebrates paradoxes and ruptures, that doesn’t eschew broken and dysfunctional systems because the broken and dysfunctional systems governing our lives need to be unpacked and not idealized.

Strategies are to be discovered: poetic wrenches have to be thrown in the works; gears and valves have to grow hair, start pulsing and breathing; algorithms must learn to tell stories and scream in pain."

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february 2014 by robertogreco
Farmville Gang Cons Romanian Government for $681,000 (€500,000) "Virtual" Cows Funds
A gang of Romanian Farmville-like enthusiasts insist they never realized that the government funds given for farming are actually for real animals and not fake ones like those on Facebook, deciding that their imaginary cows deserve the same treatment as the other milk-giving animals.

In other words, they ripped off authorities using one of the oldest scams in the book, made possible by bureaucracy. The gang claimed they held eight cow farms with a total of 1,860 animals and received subsidies of almost $163 (€120) per cow for three years.
EU  subsidies  con  crime  farmville  game  facebook  scam  Romania 
december 2013 by zzkt
Cultivated Play: Farmville
Fantastic meditation on Farmville's significance to contemporary citizenship.
socialgames  farmville  zynga  politics  citizenship  corporations  democracy 
march 2013 by kaeru
Cultivated Play: Farmville - Famrville - Kotaku
Citizens must educate themselves in the use of sociable applications, such as Wikipedia, Skype, and Facebook, and learn how they can better use them to forward their best interests. And we must learn to differentiate sociable applications from sociopathic applications: applications that use people's sociability to control those people, and to satisfy their owners' needs.
academic  article  facebook  farmville  gaming  keynote  socialmedia  sociology 
january 2013 by Shoord
FarmVille user runs up £900 debt | Money |
A 12-year-old boy spent £625 on his mother's credit card and £288 of his own savings on Facebook game FarmVille
debt  facebook  farmville  freetoplay  gaming 
january 2013 by Shoord
Happy Farm
The Chinese social game that Farmville ripped off; it's dying too
zynga  games  china  farmville 
december 2012 by nelson
1 | The 4 Secrets Behind Zynga’s Narcotically Addictive Games | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
Zynga has tapped into something very human going on behind the pixels. They understand the psychology of game design, the fundamentals of interface design, the necessities of social design, and the importance of big data verifying every design hypothesis along the way. They know software because they know people.?log=out
case  study  users  psychology  design  ux  games  tips  gamification  zinga  farmville 
november 2012 by jflorablack

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