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Virtual fences, robot workers, stacked crops: farming in 2040
While some of the predictions may seem a long way off, others are already in their infancy. “Even now, there are technologies being developed that can care for crops on a plant-by-plant basis or control the grazing of cattle without physical fences, and by 2040 this technology will be commonplace in farming,” Graham said.
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2 days ago by jbaldwin
Mild Boars - Archaeology Magazine
Maring and her colleague Felix Riede believe that people living in the area between 5,300 and 4,300 years ago used marine resources to begin to domesticate these animals and exploit them as a source of food
9 days ago by fbaymzter
Gene editing: how agritech is fighting to shape the food we eat
February 9, 2019 | Financial Times | by Emiko Terazono in Norwich and Clive Cookson in London.
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9 days ago by jerryking
Organic Rice Farmers to Use Technology for Fair Prices | Oxfam in Cambodia
"This year, Oxfam launched Blockchain for Livelihood from Organic Cambodian Rice​ (BlocRice), the first pilot project in Cambodia using blockchain technology to connect a network of people in the rice supply chain to ensure farmers are better and more fairly paid."

"The goal is to promote a “smart contract”, a three-way digital contract farming agreement between organic farmers, rice exporter and buyers in the Netherlands."
Oxfam  farming  blockchain  Cambodia 
12 days ago by pierredv
Cold comfort farms - Farming in Africa - 2013
"Yet Africa’s huge potential clashes with a brutal reality documented in a new report from the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), a think-tank with headquarters in Kenya. Take the cost of fertiliser, for instance. Farmers in America pay a price on delivery of $226 per tonne. But in Zambia the price is $414. Shipping costs explain only a small part of the difference. The rest is accounted for by port duties, bribes, storage fees, fuel costs, the importer’s mark-up and the credit charges racked up as the fertiliser makes its tortuous journey from port to farm."
farming  agriculture  TheEconomist  Africa 
16 days ago by pierredv

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