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Baked Cheesy Pasta With Wild Mushrooms Recipe - NYT Cooking
roast the mushrooms ahead of time. bakes in the oven for 10-15 minutes
shiitake  pasta  cream  rosemary  orecchiette  farfalle  ricotta  fontina  parmesan  sage 
november 2018 by bodeswell
Pasta with Artichoke Pesto Recipe - Chowhound
5/23/16. Pasta with Artichoke Pesto. My ricotta had gone bad, so I used an equivalent amount of creme fraiche. I collapsed some steps, mixing the basil and the creme fraiche into the pesto with the food processor. I doubt it makes much of a difference. Would have been creamier with ricotta, I guess. A good summer meal. This was good; Carmela liked it a lot. I made a half recipe and I thought there was more pesto than necessary.
artichokehearts  pasta  basil  ricotta  Parmesan  rigatoni  penne  farfalle  summer 
may 2016 by bodeswell
Farfalle with Tuna and Rosemary Mushroom Sauce recipe | Epicurious.com
2/15/16. Farfalle with Tuna and Rosemary Mushroom Sauce. An unusual kind of pasta including anchovies in the sauce, which is mainly just the liquid from the mushrooms and white wine. But it works. Quite good.
farfalle  pasta  tuna  rosemary  mushrooms  anchovies  parsley 
january 2016 by bodeswell
Eggplant, Tomato and Fresh Ricotta Farfalle Recipe -Scott Conant | Food & Wine
7/28/15. Eggplant, Tomato, and Fresh Ricotta with Farfalle. Well, I didn’t make fresh ricotta, and used plum tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes. I cooked the chopped tomatoes in garlic oil. I used four plum tomatoes and could have easily used several more. I did saute the eggplant separately, browning it a little too much – the directions are closer than I thought. It came together fine, although there was not enough eggplant for the farfalle. I think 8 oz of farfalle is probably a better proportion.
eggplant  cherry  tomatoes  ricotta  pasta  farfalle  oregano  parmesan 
july 2015 by bodeswell
Farfalle with Salsa Verde and Grilled Ricotta Salata Recipe - Shea Gallante | Food & Wine
Cold pasta. A tangy, vibrant salsa verde tossed the salsa with warm farfalle, then topped with grated slabs of salty, grilled ricotta salata cheese.
technique  anchovies  jalapeno  ricotta  salata  farfalle  tomatillos  pasta  chives  basil 
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MAKE | Fashioning Farfalle with the Lost Wax Process
Fashioning Farfalle with the Lost Wax Process, November 27, 2012 at 11:28PM, from MAKE http://blog.makezine.com
ifttt  googlereader  MAKE  Fashioning  Farfalle  with  the  Lost  Wax  Process  November  27  2012  at  11:28PM 
november 2012 by designmakecreate

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