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The Scouring of the City by altariel
In the days between the end of the War and the return of the King, Faramir and Éowyn conduct a private investigation.
faramir  eowyn  eowyn/faramir  5-10K 
7 weeks ago by elftrash
Better Choice by anghraine
Faramir, instead of Boromir, is sent to Rivendell.
faramir  gen  5-10K  eowyn  frodo  aragorn 
8 weeks ago by elftrash
City Crumbling, Salt Sea Waves by yet_intrepid
Faramir goes down to the shores to escape his father. He finds there a musician who, after thousands of years, is still trying to escape his own.
faramir  maglor  1-2K  gen 
8 weeks ago by elftrash
A darkling plain by anghraine
The daughter and nephew of Prince Imrahil enter the Fourth Age.
lothiriel  faramir  eowyn  5-10K 
8 weeks ago by elftrash
The Shadow of War by rhymer23
It's fourteen years since the fall of Sauron, and Gondor is at peace. But old enemies are stirring beyond her borders, and some have infiltrated Minas Tirith itself, and are waiting for the time to strike…
100-150K  aragorn  arwen  faramir  eowyn  pippin  merry  gen 
12 weeks ago by elftrash
The Long Road Home by scribblesinink
Against all odds, Boromir survives Amon Hen. Ashamed and filled with remorse, he goes on a quest for redemption. Bound by his promise to a sick man, Faramir keeps the secret of his brother's survival. But as secrets are wont to do, the truth comes out eventually and Aragorn journeys north to bring Gondor's prodigal son home.
boromir  gen  faramir  aragorn  100K 
may 2019 by elftrash
Idylls of the Queen - Vignettes of the Reign of Arwen and Aragorn by anna_wing
Short fics in no particular order, set after the events of "The Lord of the Rings", during the reign of Arwen and Aragorn. They do tell a more or less coherent story, taken as a whole.'

Loosely linked to other series Vignettes of the Blessed Realm, The Road Goes Ever On, and Vignettes of Beleriand.
gimli  legolas  arwen  faramir  gen  15-20K 
november 2018 by elftrash
Fanfic: "Prince of Ithilien" by Jedi Sapphire
Thranduil has met and terrorized most of his son's non-Elven friends. But this is his first encounter with the Prince of Ithilien.
Thranduil  Legolas  Faramir  Aragorn  +type:divergent.future  +type:post-canon  +words:under5k 
january 2018 by iluxia
Hope Prevails, by eyeus
Slash. "You are a warrior," says Aragorn. "Of Gondor." His hand closes tight over Boromir's shoulder, as if lending Boromir his strength, tethering him to life. "Is there one for whom you fight? A lady-love?"

In his agony from the Uruk's wounds, Boromir's answer is entirely too honest. "A brother," he gasps. "I have a brother." In arms, in blood, and in bond.

"Then think of him, and live," Aragorn commands. "He will look for your coming from the White Tower, and you will return home to him."
Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Boromir  Aragorn  Legolas  Gimli  Faramir  Samwise.Gamgee  Frodo.Baggins  Gollum  Denethor  Gandalf  Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Éomer  Meriadoc.'Merry'.Brandybuck  Éowyn  Boromir/Faramir  75000-79999.words 
october 2017 by settiai
In His Stead, by IceAngel7
Gen. "Do you wish then that our places had been exchanged?" What if Faramir had been the son of Denethor to embark on the quest to Imladris? Only time will make known if Faramir's loyalties will keep the Fellowship together or drive them apart.
Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Faramir  Aragorn  Gimli  Legolas  Elrond  Gandalf  Frodo.Baggins  Samwise.Gamgee  Meriadoc.'Merry'.Brandybuck  Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Saruman  Gollum  Radagast  Treebeard  Haldir  Rumil  Orophin  Galadriel  Celeborn  Éomer  Éowyn  Éothain  Boromir  Denethor  100000-149999.words  Háma  Gríma.Wormtongue 
december 2014 by settiai
Coats and Customs 'verse - imaginary_golux - The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
In a universe where Smaug never came to Erebor, Thorin son of Thrain marries Bilbo Baggins of the Shire for political alliance. Herein are the tales of their marriage, and what came of it.

This is a long series and has delightful world building and adorable couples.
thehobbit  hobbit  lordoftherings  lotr  bilbobaggins  thorinoakenshield  bilbo/thorin  dwalin  ori  dwalin/ori  dis  legolas  gimli  gimli/legolas  gilraen  gandalf  arwen  aragorn  aragorn/arwen  kili  bifur  bofur  frerin  nori  boromir  fem!boromir  faramir  finduilas  eomer  eowyn  boromir/eomer  eowyn/faramir  frodobaggins  rosecotton  samwisegamgee  frodo/rose/sam  thrain  au  epic 
july 2014 by willowberry
The Stonework was Admirable, by Culumacilinte
Het. "Whatever I understand, I know that you have won renown and glory on the field, and shown yourself to be mighty in arms, and fearless, and fair. And I know that you are a lady of great heart, and that it is softer than you have made it. And that I would not for my life have you made less than you are. And I would wed you, and live with you in peace, as Éowyn, or Dernhelm, or whoever you wish. And what I do not yet understand, I will learn, and gladly."
Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Éowyn  Faramir  Éomer  Éowyn/Faramir  4000-4999.words 
march 2013 by settiai
Untitled, by Anonymous
Slash. "Faramir is well aware that if he is standing any stiffer he might as well be a suit of armor."
Lord.of.the.Rings  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Faramir  Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  Faramir/Peregrin.'Pippin'.Took  1000-1999.words 
march 2013 by settiai
Minx - Fic: Shadows - Prologue/9, R - Faramir, Aragorn/Boromir
the war is over, Some things have changed and others have not. Everyone is slowly settling into their routines - some old, some new - of life, work, duties, family, friends and love. For Faramir life before the war was not easy, and he still needs to recover from all that he endured. But neither he nor those around him have realised that yet.
lotr  faramir  from delicious
december 2012 by pinbot72
After A Lifetime: Book I: Brotherhood
When it all began, you simply took a blind dive into the unknown. But would have you offered your love to the one you worship, had you known the price he would have to pay for loving you back? Would you trust yourself to know between right and wrong? If you could see the hopeless end of your journey, would you still take the road? And when all was over, would you be blind to see a new road lying at your feet? Would you dare follow it? Would you, Faramir?
Incest  Slash  Boromir  Faramir  Fanfiction  Lord  of  the  Rings 
september 2012 by Spiced_Wine
Set in Minas Tirith, following the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. A series of snapshots from one day, featuring the Fellowship and co-starring Faramir, the Twins, Elrond and Galadriel.
meriadoc.brandybuck  fic  lord.of.the.rings  aragorn  arwen  frodo.baggins  samwise.gamgee  peregrine.took  faramir  legolas  gimli  galadriel  gandalf 
april 2012 by Beatrice_Otter
What Happened to Gallant Captain Faramir?
just learned that faramir was tolkien's favorite/"self insert" (not really but if he had to pick). and then i read this and its just like, lets spend the afternoon thinking about how great faramir is again
comparison  movie  lotr  book  faramir  tolkien  awesome  from delicious
march 2012 by banjaloupe

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