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elm-community/elm-faq: FAQ about the Elm language.
FAQ site where beginner questions are answered (and organized).
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5 days ago by scottnelsonsmith
No More FAQs: Create Purposeful Information for a More Effective User Experience · An A List Apart Article
The all-too-common FAQ is the antithesis of effective user experience, but it’s easy to avoid (or improve) with a little guidance.
7 days ago by michaelwoodruff
No More FAQs: Create Purposeful Information for a More Effective User Experience
It’s normal for your website users to have recurring questions and need quick access to specific information to complete … whatever it is they came looking for. Many companies still opt for the ubiquitous FAQ (frequently asked/anticipated questions) format to address some or even all information needs. But FAQs often miss the mark because people don’t realize that creating effective user information—even when using the apparently simple question/answer format—is complex and requires careful planning.
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9 days ago by garrettc
Git FAQ - Git SCM Wiki
viele FAQ direkt von kernel.org
git  FAQ 
10 days ago by birdofprey.ru

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