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Toyota FAQ | Toyota Owners
https://www.toyota.com/owners/faqs ;;;
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What are the oil change intervals using synthetic oil?

Only Toyota vehicles in which 0w-20 synthetic oil is required (except 3UR-FBE Engines*) have been approved for extended oil change intervals of 10,000-miles/12-months. (However, you should continue to check the oil level regularly and top off if needed. That will help your engine get the full benefit of synthetic oil.)

Vehicles in which 0w-20 is an option to 5w-20 mineral oil, (or 5w-30), will continue to require 5,000-mile/6-month oil change intervals, even if 0w-20 oil is used.

In the case of vehicles with 10,000 mile oil change intervals, the 5,000 mile service interval has not been eliminated. The traditional 5,000 mile maintenance procedures (such as tire rotation) will continue to be required, and the fluid levels (such as brake fluid) will need to be checked and adjusted at this time.

If the vehicle operation meets the standard criteria for "Special Operating Conditions" such as: driving off-road, on dirt roads, towing a trailer, making repeated short trips under 32˚ F, or extensive idling; the engine oil must be replaced at 5,000 mile intervals, regardless of what type of oil is used.
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Tern Reference Manual
Tern consists of several components. Depending on what you are trying to do with it, you will be interested in a different layer. At the very top are the editor plugins. These talk to a Tern server, which is implemented on top of the server module, which uses the inference engine to do the actual type inference.
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BashFAQ - Greg's Wiki
These are answers to frequently asked questions on channel #bash on the freenode IRC network. These answers are contributed by the regular members of the channel (originally heiner, and then others including greycat and r00t), and by users like you. If you find something inaccurate or simply misspelled, please feel free to correct it!
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Большой FAQ про поезда дальнего следования и неочевидные правила / Блог компании Туту.ру / Хабр
— Что за история с невозможностью купить билет ночью?

С 3:30 до 3:50 по Москве в Экспрессе-3 — технологический перерыв. По вторникам он чуть дольше, до 4:07. В это время при поиске билетов не будет возможности получить самое актуальное расписание поездов, цены и наличие мест. Из соседних стран очень заметные перерывы есть в финской системе бронирования, они начинаются в 23:00 по Москве и заканчиваются в случайное время.
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Frequently Asked Questions · The Rust Programming Language
This page exists to answer common questions about the Rust programming language. It is not a complete guide to the language, nor is it a tool for teaching the language. It is a reference to answer oft-repeated questions people in the Rust community encounter, and to clarify the reasoning behind some of Rust's design decisions.
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Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd. - FAQ
Their FAQ answers many important questions
EV-conversion  faq  kit  parts  excellent 
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Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries FAQs - Every Cloud Productions
Will there be a fourth season of the original?
We hope so! At this stage we are focussing on the feature film which is now in pre production with the original cast.
Will this new series impact on the feature film?
Absolutely not. The feature film is in pre production and we are scheduled to shoot in October and November this year.
The aim is to expand the Miss Fisher world by adding a new dimension to the brand and exploring a new period in our history with different characters.
What is it?
Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries is a spin-off series from the original Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries TV series. Set in 1964 – the series touches on many of the issues from the 1920s original series, in a new decade with new cast.
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