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Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou
Absolutely amazing city map generator, perfect for any sort of worldbuilding or DM'ing.
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2 days ago by bitprophet
Spiked -- Black Privilege by Brendan O’Neill
'...Some have noted but never really reckoned with this striking, almost sado-masochistic phenomenon whereby white liberals adore the man who has probably done more than any other contemporary writer to pathologise ‘whiteness’... -- And they don’t only dig it — they adore it. The liberal establishment, the white editors of newspapers, the white bosses of publishing companies, the whites (and of course blacks, too) who inhabit America’s gentrified or even rarefied neighbourhoods and cultural spheres — they adore Coates’ work. In the dictionary definition of that word — they venerate him. The (white) New York Times writer AO Scott said Coates’ writing is ‘essential, like water or air’. Hyperbole, much? This goes beyond saying Coates is interesting or insightful or brilliant; it says that without his writing we will die. He is one of the elements that sustains human life, or at least the human life of the influential liberal sets of the east and west coasts of the US. They need him; if they cannot have him, they cannot survive. What is this religious hysteria? -- I think this veneration of Coates, this treatment of him as akin to oxygen, is not down to the quality of his writing, which has moments of clarity and even beauty, yes, but which is also patchy in its quality and increasingly self-important, no doubt as a consequence of the air-and-water-like importance that has been foisted on Coates by the liberal establishment. -- Nor is it down to his having anything genuinely fresh or new to say. His insights are bleak; they are for the most part an intellectualised version of the 21st-century politics of identity and victimhood, so that, in the words of one of his growing number of black critics, in Coates’ moral universe ‘whiteness and wrongness… become interchangeable’. Indeed, Coates’ obsession with whiteness ends up displacing black agency and autonomy — as the victim-oriented new politics of identity is wont to do — because in his ‘whiteness-as-talisman’ worldview, ‘those deemed white remain [America’s] primary actors’. So ironically — but logically, too, given that the politics of identity in its current incarnation is devoted largely to the diminution of the individual and the folding of him and her into victimised groups to which things happen, rather than the treatment of him or her as an individual who can make things happen — Coates’ anti-whiteness centres white people, makes them the adults of the story, gives them all the potential action — to observe themselves, correct themselves, better themselves — while blacks are mere ‘bodies’ for whom history is a violent act upon themselves rather than something they act upon. (Coates continually uses the term ‘black bodies’ to refer to black people.)' -- Every Victim needs a Persecutor
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10 days ago by adamcrowe
Several Kinds of Fantasy – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
A different view for categorizing types of books: by the nature of the central emotional experience they seek to deliver.
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12 days ago by mindways
Generate Medieval City Maps with This Online Tool
With the Medieval Fantasy City Generator, you can generate endless maps of walled cities, complete with castles and winding waterways. The free online generator, developed by Oleg Dolya, allows for layouts like “citadel” and “plaza,” with options for city size, whether small, medium, or large.

The Medieval Fantasy City Generator, recently shared by Boing Boing, has been available in for a few months. It continues to be updated with new features, such as rivers, house shapes, shanty towns, outskirts, wall-less layouts, and coastal cities. Users can hover their mouse over different sections of the cities to see labels pop up for farms, gates, wards, and slums. The newest addition — Toy Town — is a 3D visualizer that involves a street-level view of the cities.

It’s similar to projects like Uncharted Atlas, a Twitter bot that generates fantasy maps, or the Fantasy World Generator. Dolya notes on the generator’s site that it was created for a monthly challenge on the procedural generation subreddit. The developer adds that “the goal is to produce a nice looking map, not an accurate model of a city.”
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12 days ago by shannon_mattern

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